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Hankyu Soba-supervised tempura udon noodles @ onigiri and sushi 1 piece with free ticket # convenience store

Hankyu Soba-supervised tempura udon noodles @ onigiri and sushi 1 piece with free ticket # convenience store

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Today’s quiet word

I’m sleepy-I’m not tired when I eat ramen at a strange time w

The Hankyu soba is not actually gone.

I’ve never even been to the Hanshin side of the local Hanshin Amagasaki campus.

The station soba that is drifting in the station yard is always good aroma of soup

If it becomes a good chance to eat this, it is an instant for the time being.

Thirteen is the 1st shop?

There is a memory that there was a store in the station campus certainly not

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

Hare, but

Oh, my…

I’ve already dumped it in the trash, now I noticed W

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

There is no soba noodles in the Hankyu soba noodles, and tempura udon is

I wonder if the udon is more delicious than the restaurant.

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

It looks like a thin udon.

Pour the hot water for about 4 minutes…


大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

After having enjoyed the first sack in the post without the feature that is not the usual or different from the tempura,

Soak in broth

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

The soup stock is quite good.

This is a lot of greasy stuff.

I was able to drink even if I did not like instant stock. All Juice w after a long time

I’m feeling good.

This is also quite good for udon noodles.

I do not know whether the waist is good. It is thin, but I like some bite response.

大人しく一言美味しかった #関西グルメ食べ歩きブログ

I did not know how much because I bought it in Edy without seeing the price in a hurry.

A crumpled receipt spreads 198 yen

Wow, how much is it? About 168 yen at the price of the duo?

I think I’ll buy this.

If you are a person going to Hankyu SOBA!!!

It’s good ~ ^ ^

I like this one better!

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