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Harold Jun Tei @ Amagasaki Tsukaguchi

Harold Jun Tei @ Amagasaki Tsukaguchi

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Note: This article is before October, 2011.

It is not possible to eat the raw one by a new standard.
It seems to disappear from the menu in this shop in October.
10/14 PostScript: There are some shops where you can eat other than the Yukke and raw lever, so there is no definite standard yet
I received the information in the comment

A great update has been delayed a lot of neta accumulated.

It is the last picture of the raw things which cannot be eaten now.

Thank you for the delicious raw meat of the past by looking at this photograph!!!

From the station of Tsukaguchi to the direction, it is about 15 minutes walk.

This sister store
It is the hormone skewer ichi of the next door.
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↑ Lonely contents are written.

“Yakiniku Sake House Ebisu” to the enemy meat shop and raw meat fans nationwide.
It is recorded here. To remember…

I hope some day will come again to eat…


It’s just A good price-class A.

It’s unusual for me to
I try not to put the Class A (← A class is vanity not go to eat)

Just for the best of life…




4 kinds of sashimi for the purpose

Pork Heart Stab
It is very good.

Cow Stab

My life

Supple and soft sen my. The feel of Coricoli is horribly pleasing

The raw lever angle is standing!

It is decided that it is delicious. Sweet and dense and dense

Did you compliment me too much? Thank you for your life, some day
I believe that deregulation will revive.

Chinese cabbage kimchi

Almost in order with salt. I love salt.



The thick piece is baked to the surface crunchy, and the chewy is crispy.

On Halami
This also has no smell! Delicious ~ ~ ~ ~
Is it the end of the heart with the Abshin fat?

Top Mino I asked for this with a sauce, but the sauce is also delicious.

When I come to A class gourmet after a long time, I wish again.

It’s a luxury–a little bit otchan I’ve become a word (* ^_^ *)

It was like a treat. m (__) m

Yakiniku Jun-Tei

Address 3-27-1 Tsukaguchi Honmachi, Amagasaki City
Phone number 06-6422-6400
Closed Monday
Business hours 17:00 ~ 23:00 (L.O. weekdays 22:30 weekends and holidays 22:00)

Harold Jun Tei ( Yakiniku / Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu) , IninoJi station , Inono station)

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