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I do not know Grandma and swallow @ Amagasaki Humanity Story

I do not know Grandma and swallow @ Amagasaki Humanity Story

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We’ll be on the rocks.


Cedar Con

It’s really unusual for me to be hard–



I tried to do the reading which I hated without the gala when I made it slow.

I don’t know the kanji, so I don’t know the meaning

It is not progressing easily.


The person who is called a regular grandma is when doing so.

Three to five times a week.

It’s super regular.

Yes, when SQ. and BF were drunk.

My grandma showed up with a drunk and had met her.

At that time, I felt that I remembered a little.

But Grandma doesn’t remember at all.

But why drink together W

Can I have a drink with this young brother? 」

BF “Yes, please.”

Grandma put the timetable of the bus in front of your eyes and keep it in your consciousness.

And a toast at null Kang.

I’ll tell you a lot of stories. I don’t remember much, but I still have a word in my memo.

Venus is beautiful today. Grandma seems to like Venus.

What am I talking about? I don’t really remember;).

It seems to come to drink in Amagasaki purposely by bus. It seems to be attractive to Hanshin Amagasaki.

Grandma enjoys trickles conversation with me in a classy narrative tone.

It looks like I’m a little nervous.

I just wanted to tell you about the country.

Chicken Chicken World of polygamy

“The country chicken that I used to be are pathetic.”

It seems that a strong rooster next door comes in and robs the hen he keeps..;)

Scary world.

Trying to stop it

Grandma’s grandmother rubbed the coarse salt into the chicken crown of the next rooster.

I’m afraid you won’t be scared for two weeks.

The countryside. Surprised


I just told you a little bit.

I know you’re talking to me. It’s kind and sensitive. Delicate.

BF “eh? (・・;)」

Oh, you know what? I look like a woman w “

BF “Yes, it is too much praise. And it’s not like this W “

It looks like it’s being looked through.

Grandma seems to be smart. Did you know this is stupid? w


Grandma suddenly put the edamame on the counter and take out the Notepad.

The drawing began.
The people in the shop might try it first.


It is edamame. I can’t draw.

I will take what I wrote before


Salt? And source?
I also write interesting things.

It is a cute picture.


It’s a good hobby.

I asked.

I’m not going to give you any advice.

I want to write what I’m talking about.

. No, I don’t know.

I feel like a hint.


It seems to draw croquettes, too.

I take a bite of croquettes suddenly

This is a good way to write a picture. I’m going to get a taste of it.


A sketch with an atmosphere.


A sketch with a very crispy

Your stomach is full.

Grandma 1.5 The time of the bus is near like the return with the sake of the drink.

The shop owner, “Grandma, stop by.”

Thank you for your buddy.

See you again, BF.

At the end of the door

Grandma, “I miss one, so I’m just cheat to come here.”

What did you miss on the way back?

The feeling of being drunk and crying is a profound word

I’m here. Seriously…

Wonderful World in my heart

Let’s drink grandma again.

Thank you for your kind words.

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