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I have come back to the store #阪急十三駅.

I have come back to the store #阪急十三駅.

The first one is also the edge of something M (__) m

Even if you do not have to update the-sorry ahead of trouble,

Can you raise my tension with two clicks every day?
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人気ブログランキングへStreet Food/>ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ/> B class Gourmet

I’m here again.

It’s a standing drink.

The store is full (…;)

There was a space in the barrel of the end, and a lot of drunk-chan


The building is still cheap, but I have never hit a good thing here at this price,

It’s a different thing.


Half and half

Grilled Clamshell (grilled clams) I love the shells that are lit.

Oh, I think I ate it before.

I was given a lot of information.

M (__) m

Standard Sand Li


Is this a keg of Cedar? It smells good.

Fried Oysters

This is big.

It is fried well and the clothes are steady.

I use a big oyster for drinking.


This is my recommendation of shellfish and grilled fish or kama Shiyaki.

Let’s go home-lightly and quickly

The thrill of standing drinking

Now I want to go find a different place-where’s my cousin?

Standing Swallow ( Standing Tavern Bar /Juso station )

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