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I received a horse stab that I ordered with Rakuten

I received a horse stab that I ordered with Rakuten

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Today’s quiet word

Congratulations. And thank you for the logo.

I got a horse stab that I ordered in the Rakuten market.

Atenshokanju NI!!!

Try drinking W

It’s always been.


Let’s cut and arrange it suitably, and put the leek, too.


I think it’s a luxury to stab a horse at home

Maybe you’ll get a cheap rather than eating at the store.


If you eat it with ginger and leeks and sweet spicy sauce

What is that?

I don’t like the greasy

A horse,

Refined and lightly fleshy,

In addition, this place is particularly low in fat

Charm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It depends on the site, but it was very delicious!

It went to bed early today, and it was going to sleep too much and it was late.

Where did you buy Rakuten?

No one wants to know.

In the comments!

I ‘ll ask you more. In


“Good!” Where did this happen? Lol

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