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I want to write again. Takeo Char siu noodles @ Amagasaki Nishi-tycoon

I want to write again. Takeo Char siu noodles @ Amagasaki Nishi-tycoon


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This time, I have forgotten the digital camera too panicked. Blogger is disqualified.

I was so motivated to take pictures, but only two… on my phone.

I didn’t get the image that seemed to be the effect after all.

The store is still full. Lunch time on weekdays is more crowded than Saturdays
I was able to enter the store without waiting for ten minutes somehow,
Whoa-chan is very busy, Gasagasa feel frustrated
It is cooked in a bold and it is W

“Whoa-chan, calm down” in my heart

And I was looking a little chatter,

Woah, it’s not funny what always flies

The person who is going to be dirty is a good parenthesis (~ _ ~;)
The counter is a battlefield

My order percentage, given the amount you eat,
The usual curry char siu or curry Chinese is 60%,
30% of the Char siu noodle or Chinese noodles,
I wonder if 10% is a challenge to other menus…
I always say that I really want to eat a set meal…

I tried only once a day, but I couldn’t eat dinner.

My stomach is soft.

I want to eat something exciting someday.

As usual, a simple soup with a good feeling…

I think that I am delicious.

I love the firm and the buckwheat noodles.

I feel like I’m addicted to more and more bamboo students.

What are you going to eat this time?

Soba restaurant Takeo
Address: 10-12 Nishimagacho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
TEL: 06-6401-7096
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 14:00 16:00 ~ 20:00
Closed: Sundays and Public holidays

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