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Information of Matsuoka Art Museum [permanent October 2009]

Information of Matsuoka Art Museum [permanent October 2009]

I’m busy recently so today is a photo-centric article WAt the Matsuoka Museum of Art, I watched “The painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Institute”After that, I watched the permanent as usual. It’s not that wide, but it has a wide range of collections.
The Matsuoka Museum of Art can take photographs if you keep manners, so I would like to introduce coldest pictures.
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Matsuoka Art Museum ↓

First, the entrance

Emile Antoine Bourdel “Penelope”
Bourdel was a very powerful sculptor, also a Rodin assistant.
His wife, Penelope, waits for Osesius to go to war. It is a theme of Homer’s epic “Oseoia”. It is troubled.

Diego Jacobti “The waiter’s head of a cat”
This is the first thing I see when I come to this museum. I like the face which is not only pretty but also kiri.

Left:Aphrodite statues of Ancient Rome
Right:Ancient Roman statue of Zeus
It seems that the mob was broken. There are a lot of these statues being the neck and the hand by the Pagan and the mob, too.

The back room is a corner of the sculpture of India and Gandara. The statue and Buddha statues are different from the Japan.

“Easy Woman”
The work made in the West India. I admire that I have such a collection well.

Statues of the India. I feel a lot of handsome people are sharp eye nose w This is also a valuable items.

The opposite side of the place where the photograph of ↑ was taken is a garden. The ornament of the crane is seen.

The room changed to a modern sculpture next door.

Emilio Greco “Eyko”
I feel the sense of volume of this hair is flexible.

(Left) of the hotelHenry Moore “mother and child sitting on a stand”
(Right) Reference: Works seen in the Hakone sculpture forest
I can see Moore’s work here and there, but I feel like I’ve seen the same thing in a sculpture forest. Please compare it with the work of the right.
P1080869.jpg 32725619_1579308849.jpg

Henry Moore, “Lying Woman, elbow”
Moore’s work can be understood even from a distance by a peculiar style. I can’t remember, but I remember seeing the same work.

Emilio Greco, “the woman in the water bath”
It is a feeling of dynamism. The museum is also full of Emilio Greco’s works, and there are some good works not introduced in this article.

LeftEmilio Greco “The woman on the waist”
(Right) Reference: Works seen in the Hakone sculpture forest
I saw a similar work in the sculpture forest, but it was a little different. I think that protrude feeling is vivid from the stand wiggle the waist.
P1080880.jpg 32725619_3256722570.jpg

Moved to the next room. It is a corner of ancient orient Art.

Egypt colored wooden coffin around 1500 BC.

Minerva of late Hellenistic (about 100 BC) found in Rome

This museum has a wide collection. If you are interested, please go to play once, because it is OK to take a picture if you can watch it slowly and observe manners.
After this, I took a ladder to the nearby Garden Museum.

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