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Information of the National Museum of Western Art [permanent October 2009]

Information of the National Museum of Western Art [permanent October 2009]

At the Museum of Western Art“The legacy of the ancient Roman Empire-the glorious City of Rome and the Tragedy of Pompeii”Later, I saw the permanent exhibition at a fast pace. Because there was not much time, it is only a new building, but I introduce some because I took a photograph.
(I have introduced the same as before, so if you are interested, please refer to the article.)Here)

* The permanent exhibition can be taken if you observe the rules such as flash prohibition. There are some works that you should not take. )
  If there is a problem with the publication etc., please let me know as soon as I delete it.

Eugène Delacroix “Education of the Virgin”
Delacroix contributed greatly to the establishment of the academy. Romanticism.

Jean-François Millet “Spring (Scalnis and Chloe)”
I watched “Scalnis and Chloe” at the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art at Millet Pavilion in summer, but I think it is quite different from that. Barbizon is a faction.★ Reference Articles

Gustave Courbet “The gypsy woman who thinks”
Courbet the Rebel. There is a mystique though it is realistic.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir “The Woman in the Hat”
This work is a poster girl here? I understand the woman beauty of Renoir well.

Claude Monet “Poplar Trees in the sun”
One of Monet’s Poplar series. There is an episode in which Monet put out money and had the construction postponed because this road had been developed. (Vaguely remember W)

In line with the Rome exhibition, I was doing the exhibition “HASHI of the Future of Rome.” It was a photo exhibition of Rome in the dim. The impression is omitted because I saw it sink considerably
Date: Saturday, September 19-Sunday, December 13, 2009 official siteHttp://

Sculptures are lined up in front of the courtyard on the first Floor.

William Adolf Bougues “The Girl”
An academy painter This dainty is conspicuously eyes. (I’m not lolicon W)

Left: Gustave Morrow “Salome of the Prison”
Right: Gustave Morrow “Pietà”
I am happy to be seen in the permanent as I like Moreau. Moreau is also a teacher of Matisse, Luaux and Marche.
DSC_6257.jpg DSC_6263.jpg

Paul Gauguin “Brittany Girls on the beach”
This work was also in the previous Gauguin exhibition. This composition is a novel feeling.★ Reference Articles

Paul Cezanne, “The Trees of Ja de Busfan who dropped the leaves”
Is it because of the mind that I do not receive cezanne feeling so much? How long does it work?

Maurice Denis “Dancing Women”
Denis of the Na’vi. Perhaps because of the faction influenced by Gauguin, it is a graceful and neat feeling that there is a primitive.

Wilhelm Hammershøi “Ida playing the Piano”
Hammershøi a painter of Denmark who had a special exhibition at this museum last year. It is a mysterious painter who drifts still.

Ernesto Laurent, two wives on the terrace.
I don’t know this painter, but it is bright, calm and good style. I liked it very much.

Raul Dufy “Mozart”
Music lover Dufy. It is a very favorite picture. Speaking of which, there was Bach in the Dufy exhibition which I saw before the summer.★ Reference Articles

Pierre-Albert Marche “Les Sables d’olonne”
While joining Fauvism, the light colored marche. The calm sea is refreshing.

Keith van Dongen “Casino Hall”
The painter of Fauvism, Dongen. The color is vivid and the subject is gorgeous, too.

Joan Milo “Painting”
Speaking of Milo is a sign. Maybe the sun and the stars. I feel the size of a strange scale because it was a big work w what else would.★ Reference Articles

In feeling that, but I’ve introduced a lot of cut-off this time, because it is so wonderful content comparable to the special exhibition, I think it would be interesting if you go to the permanent exhibition in Rome.
Because it is seen considerably on the official site, I put a link.

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