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Information of Tokyo National Museum [October 2009]

Information of Tokyo National Museum [October 2009]

I went to see the Royal Treasures of the Imperial Family Japan beauty.I also went to the permanent.
I have introduced several times in this blog, but I have swapped frequently even to introduce how much, it is a collection of awesome amount W

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Because there was not time to watch so much this time, I think that the age and the order are apart and you can taste the atmosphere somehow w.

It was a modern ink painting. I felt like a turner.

The cat of the foot is lovely.

The famous “Geese on the Moon” horse and deer seal are also interesting.

Ukiyo-E, a hundred beauties.
DSC_6121.jpg DSC_6123.jpg

The beautiful picture of Edo period. Unknown author.

Yoxie Buson “Yamano Excursion figure folding screen” left ship

Right of the piece on the ship

The folding screen that the fan is beautiful.

Left ship. I remember seeing a similar piece somewhere.

The right ship.

Iwasa Matabe “story person figure folding screen” Iwasa MatabeThe Imperial Treasure ExhibitionBut “Oguri Hangan Emaki” was exhibited.

Maruyama Ohyama “Autumn-winter Sansui” The works of the fair are also in permanent! It is shame if it does not see.

Left ship

Right ship

Snow boat, etc. “Shiki Sansui (Autumn)” Usually, the snow boat is seldom seen. Let alone such a vacant photo W

It is a great priest who becomes a Zen of the “Sodo figure” of the Kano Motoshin.

There was a lot of fan. None is admirable.

Tosa Mitsushin “Ten King statue (five-way rolling wheel King)” It is a vivid atmosphere seems tosa sect.

The 16th Arhan Statue (5th)

Hideyori Kano “View Maple Screen” is a national treasure.

All are national treasures. From the left, beams some affinity with “snow landscape”, beams some affinity with “Mt. Deyama”, beam some affinity with “snow landscape”

So, it is Aku to be vacant as usual, but the permanent here is a rich and high quality content unique to the national. Please check here when you go to the Imperial Treasure Exhibition.

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