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Izakaya Marususumu (Marudo) @ Osaka JR Kyobashi

Izakaya Marususumu (Marudo) @ Osaka JR Kyobashi

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I love the shops and Nombee that go with BF, whoa-chan.

I been in my wallet. This is the correct answer W

The image of Kyobashi for the first time was a dark feeling of the town of Amagasaki feeling more.

I don’t know right or left.
I’m not asking as usual.

The most famous place in Kyobashi when I’m walking around in circles

Kyobashi is flowing from morning to night ♪ distracted.

This is not for you.
Kyobashi Gran Chateau Building

After taking a walk around the JR Kyobashi station

We arrive at the shop we want.

There is a popular standing swallow shop railways.

Somehow here, I put, is a tavern Marushin-san. Standing.


The menu is also in addition to the photo, also part that I forgot to take!

The raw lever seems to have stopped.

The pig foot seems to be recommended.


“Buddy first time? 」

Do you know the atmosphere?

For the first time, it is a present to the general, Yufu!

I drink the dashi and am familiar with this place.

“Was come from buddy? 」


Thank you from afar, I eat this too.

Thank you for your-sorry.

So here’s a gift for you, too..;)

The clam is so popular.

I’m getting full with a present-general

The present is a wonderful word, but I still continue.


Order the winding in a hurry without losing the service


I have to eat.

In addition, the build-up is also


Tsubaki Oni Hump to the general’s relatives… (sign on the right) how do you look like? I don’t know much.

Hanshin Tigers number 21 pitcher Iwata on the left

Because there is the Kyobashi Kagetsu, it seems to be a shop known to the famous person that the Shimaki Joji comes, too.

It is easy to talk to the priest about anything and everything.

The next door is The Apprentice’s shop in the back of The Apprentice’s store.

This is 43 years in Kyobashi,

The general is skillfully handling the customer.


Proceeds liquor, too.

The elder brother and the elder sister of the next is completed.

Me too

“The There is a picture of the question on the meets in the bottle and the back.


When you see a bottle of a sho

The general “I put it by myself”

In addition, I look at how to pour it

Don’t put it in until it swells up more.

To add to the


Furthermore, “Have you eaten octopus’s albino?” 」

Let’s eat this.

The service spirit of the general;) is overwhelmed.

I’ll have it with ponzu.

If we don’t eat fast, the general will get the service? I’ll be very impatient.

I eat without time to drink.

Sand Zuri


I took a quick bath.
Taco Blow

This is a bit of a pinch.

“I’m Sorry” x10

It is delicious without any tactfully! Oh, my gosh.

The seat, general, was good in front of me.

BF “Thank you very much”, “feast-like”

The next shop is also asked.

I have not forgotten about your disciples.


The general and commemoration photography why drunk momentum.

Do you think it’s better to have the shoulders crossed? 」

He is a friendly father.

It looks scary general,

Talk to me.

It is a secret of the popularity that the regulars also cherish it without the relation.

Cheap and delicious fun

I like Kyobashi. General 」

Marushin Izakaya
Address 3-2-19 Higashinoda-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-6351-2154
Business hours 11:00 ~ 21:00/Holiday: 11:00 ~ 19:00
Closed Wednesday

Marushin ( Standing Tavern/bar / Kyobashi station , Osaka Business Park Station , Osaka Castle Kitsume Station )

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