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Josiah Condor “Old House of Shimazu” (Apr, 2019)

Josiah Condor “Old House of Shimazu” (Apr, 2019)

I have a lot of pictures today. Last week, we had a tour of the “former Shimazu Ducal Palace” designed by Josiah Condor in the Seisen University campus of Higashi-Gotanda.


[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Former house of Shimadzu Duke
【 Nearest 】 Gotanda station, Shinagawa Station, Takanawadai Station, Osaki station, etc.
* Please check the official website for business hours, public days, and maps.

[Viewing time required]
About 0 hours 20 minutes

Since this building is located on the campus of the university, I cannot usually visit it, but I was able to visit it several times a year and a visit tour and a public day were established at that time. The tour must be booked in advance and a lottery will be held. In addition, because there is a rule in the tour and the method of the visit, the permission might be necessary for the photography, and it is recommended that the person who thinks that it wants to visit thoroughly confirms the condition and the content beforehand by the web etc.
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The building was built in 1915 (Taisho 4) in the design of Josiah Condor and was used as a mansion of the Duke of Shimadzu. (Before that this place was the residence of the Sendai clan date family, so before this western was built, it was used as it is Japan House of the date family. After being sold to a Japan bank in 1944 during the war, it was requisitioned by GHQ in 1946 after the war and is being used as an officer club. When the requisitions were lifted in 1954, the bank returned to the possession of Japan banks, but Seisen University purchased the building in 1961. At Seisen University, this building is actually used as a schoolhouse, and in 2009 it seems to cherish buildings with high historical value such as seismic repair work.

By the way, the main existing building of Josiah Condor Design is like this now.
Former Iwasaki House: Visit available
Former Koga garden: Visit available
Iwasaki Yainosuke Temple: Tour available (visited)
Nikolai Hall: Visit available
Mitsubishi Ichigokan: Replica reconstruction (visited)
Former Iwasaki house Takanawa Bettei: no public opening
Tsunamachi Mitsui Club: No public
Rokuhuen: Mie Prefecture
I had almost conquered the place that can be seen in the construction of Josiah Condor in the Kanto area, so the tour of the old Shimazu Dukes House was earnest desire W

I think that you can refer to the following articles in detail because it has been covered many times about Josiah Condor, but as a foreigner hired to build the foundation of Japan Modern architecture, The disciple includes the Tokyo Station, Kingo Tatsuno and the Katayama Higashi bear who made the present Geihinkan. After the contract period of the hire was over, I stayed in the Japan, and was a disciple in Kawabe Gyosai to learn Japanese painting, and to get the wife of a Japan dancer and to love Japan. I have been working in the mansion of aristocratic until his death in 1920, so this is a work in his later years since the House of the Shimazu Duke is 1915.

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Since the introduction has become long, I will use the photograph from here.

This is the appearance. The impression is robust. The entrance at that time is here, but it is not possible to enter here.
The building itself was on a steep hill, and the building itself was high, so at that time I could see the sea of Shinagawa from the second floor. There are a lot of steep slopes around this university, so the legs will be strong when I go four years.

The view is facing the garden. The atmosphere is similar to the Iwasaki House, which is based on the Renaissance style.
The balcony is particularly beautiful and the central part is a feature of the round. The first floor seems to have been a private space in the official space and the second floor.

This is a fountain right in front of the garden.
Because there was a person, the angle is taken with a strange feeling, but there is a large mirror here, and it seems to have the effect that the room is widely shown. There was dignity in the white wall, and the pattern of the rose was used extensively in the ceiling and the fireplace. It seems that Kuroda Kiyoteru is involved in the interior, and the edge seems to be deep with the Duke Shimazu only in the birth of Satsuma.

There was a model in the spring.
The 30th head Shimazu Tadashige was the Lord. Tadashige is the nephew of Atsuhime and the lineage of the emperor’s great uncle in Heisei.

There is a splendid cathedral next door, but the cathedral was forbidden to shoot. It was originally a dining room, and there is a window leading to the pantry next to the wall. I think this gimmick is the same as the old Koga House.

I took a hallway from the side of the temple to the entrance.
The drawing room and the meeting room (former study) on the right side did not enter this time. It seems to have tension at the time of renovation and carpet is very beautiful.

There was a stained glass in the door in front of the entrance.
It is an interesting form with a pattern shaped like ginkgo biloba in the corner of the lattice.

This is the entrance. There was a cloak and a waiting room next door, but did not put it.
The cross is a mission-based university… The cross to the circle is not a crest of the Shimadzu family. The combination of geometric and decorative properties is an elegant atmosphere.

Stained glass of the side of the entrance.
It is a rhythmic pattern, and I do not get tired of simple.

This is a staircase in the first floor hall. The sparkling part is stained glass, and it is too bright and becomes pure white w
The staircase was also similar to the Shikankan, designed by Josiah Condor. The railing under the handrail is carved.

The first floor hall was seen from the landing.
There is a passage that seems to go to the back wing on the right side, but it was not possible to visit. Because it is a large hall, there are two fireplaces. The second floor hall in the future was similar to the first floor hall.

This is stained glass of stairs.
Stained Glass is a thing of the time, and this is especially large. The geometric patterns were beautiful, and when I looked up from the stairs, I saw the most gorgeous.

The aisle on the second floor at the end. The interior was connected to the building next to the university.
The left side is the bathroom, the Duke’s room, the wife’s office, the children’s rooms, the balcony, etc., but I did not enter this day. The room is now in the classroom.

Also, I did not take a picture of the garden, but this was a famous azalea because it was old, and the Azalea in the garden was very beautiful in full bloom. Is it because the Azalea is the best time to visit during the tour?

So, I was able to see the building of Josiah Condor Design. The hurdle of the tour is higher than the other because it is used as a classroom of the university in the active service, but I was satisfied that I was able to find something in common with the design of other Josiah Condor. Some of the rooms were not able to be seen, so I think we can revisit them again.

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