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Junk College Special Mix Soba @ Hanshin Department store Umeda Honten Rakuten Good Thing tournament

Junk College Special Mix Soba @ Hanshin Department store Umeda Honten Rakuten Good Thing tournament

The first place is far away,
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This is a long story.

There is a shop of the original stir soba to be eaten in Osaka,

Hurry to the entertainment venues in the department store

Hanshin Department Store Umeda store in 2011 It is a good thing competition. I came last year, too.
I’m lined up, but the order is 90%, noodles

It is not the oil buckwheat noodles of this place

The evil way more than noodles is not popular W


It is so terrible, big, thick, char siu is impressive

Garlic chips, baby star, Bonito, cheese, etc. were on the roll.

I wonder if this guy Iran

It’s quite a sauce.

Soy sauce SAG is a chicken gala base with condensed pork bones


I mix it violently…

Tough noodles Refuse your way


The noodles are pretty good, and the atmosphere is similar to the Rokurinsha Sha.

The taste is dark, and the pepper is violent, and the garlic is cheated.

And with cheese, a big blow

Feels, but it was so delicious.

The other half is slow-paced… sunk.
My tongue is confused. The one with such a rich taste did not come to me for a moment.


I don’t know why it’s food.

People in Kanto are doing amazing things!

Junk College
4-47-4, Higashiomiya, Miinuma-ku, Saitama-shi

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