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Kanda-Ramen @ Hanshin Amagasaki Downtown

Kanda-Ramen @ Hanshin Amagasaki Downtown

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It is Kanda ramen which did not come for a while.

I ate it so much that I could eat it.

It’s still a continuation of the meeting.


It’s been a long time since.

The illumination of this place is very delicious.

But I didn’t take too many because I was drunk.

It is a soup of the pork Bone Chicken Gala meal.

I’m good, but I have no habit of drinking easy soup, for everyone,

Is it a feature?

I don’t know.

Have a massage Akan I’m not writing at least.

I know it’s not like me.

But if the balance is too good, I feel like I came to the franchise store.

If there is a chance even if it thinks so,
It is a convenient shop in this neighborhood, and it is an honor student that it comes.

Kanda, ramen
Address: 3-37-2 Kanda Kita-dori, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 06-6416-6555
Business hours 11:30 ~ 27:00
Closed: Unknown


I love it because it is closed even though this shop is not a regular holiday.

I’d rather you make Hakata ramen with Mr. Kanda.

Here is a…

I’m sad as a fan.

Would you like to be in business hours or poster for temporary holidays?

-Sorry AM Love whip.

I want to go to eat even though I write such a thing!
I have you.

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