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Kinkuemon’s Osaka Black @ convenience Store

Kinkuemon’s Osaka Black @ convenience Store

6.5 Where do you come and go? How long do I have to sit?
Thank you for your inconvenience, but please support me in a click, both daily. ) Plains?
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人気ブログランキングへB class Gourmet ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B class Gourmet

I received a cup ramen information from this person . Thank you very much.

This is the instant of the Super famous shop!

So far, the head office is quite

It is patience in an instant for the time being. It was just good w



King Emon is a great name, isn’t it?

No reading, no sense.

Eating log second consecutive Osaka Ramen Division No. 1 horrible popularity.

Is Osaka Black The most famous?

And the soup has a slight faint flavor of seafood.

The soy sauce is not darker than it looks. Sweet soy sauce

So the soy sauce is sweet to some extent.

This is delicious!

Shinfuku-Kan also forgot the soy sauce in such a color as it was sweet.


Char Siu is a good guy for an instant, the same as the king of La.


Noodles were not interested in another because

I want to have fun in the shop.

I don’t think you like the instant soup better than the shop.

The opportunity to go to the head office.

Aren’t you free on Sundays?


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