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Kitashinchi YuYu @ Osaka Umeda Kitashinchi

Kitashinchi YuYu @ Osaka Umeda Kitashinchi

Let me raise it to the top. To;)
Thank you for your trouble, but please support me in a click every day. ) Plains?
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Yesterday, seven… six…

I was really looking forward to it.
I would like to ask two great masters who I respect. And off-board…

I stared at the photograph well and was drawn first,
I hate to read and I end up reading. Inherit
In addition, the background of the shop and the expression and the observation power of humanity are bloggers who create the atmosphere that I am there.

The other one, who is always indebted,
Is there a place where you don’t know the Mukogawa of Amagasaki Itami Tsukaguchi with big Brother skin? I feel it.

It is a person who is guided to every corner, and let me study variously,

Your name and link will be later…

Still rain…
The more I look forward to it, the more sunny a man is, the less it rains.

It was late to return from the company because of a guerrilla downpour.
Are you in time? I had to set the time to suit me.

Dash to the meeting place of Kitashinchi,

Did you somehow get in time because you ran?!

S teacher “Bf??? 」

The master of S was enthusiastic about the ahead. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

BF: Yes, it is.
BF “I’m starting… Bf. M (__) m “

Exchanging business cards with trembling of tension… www

It’s embarrassing to start meeting again.
Because it is poor mouth, it is quiet after all.

S teacher what a gentleman, I have a difference in your family.
It is a person with dignity as thought. The language is also well conveyed.

Then soon the W-Master appeared
W-Teacher “Chitsu”

However, three people away from the age, the thing that I met through the blog (Food and community),
Thanks for the blog I think.

This is a kid, but please try to get along well from now on.

So the subject is here

The beginning of a pleasant feast


While looking around, wiping the sweat. Arrived here

I took it to Yuni who was in the shop of baked ton.

I can’t remember the way;) I can’t remember.
(I guess I will become an extra idiot because I don’t use my head.)

Because I use it to navigate Google Map in the smartphone recently, extra
I have a ruined self.

The inside of the shop is fully booked… (◎ o ◎)/
A very popular place to book without a doubt
Nice to meet you.

Somebody stuck


All orders to master SI leave it to you, four kinds of pig stab
(I think it was a pork heart, tan, and Cobb Black.) )
I was not able to take a beautiful photo, but I took a lot of can’t list my.

It is the first time to live a pig.
There is a little habit-pig odor is slightly.

It is a fresh proof that you can eat a pig’s life.

However, it is seems that it is mandatory to heat more than one centimeter from the surface of cow raw meat at 60 degrees for 2 minutes or more from 2011/10 months.
Isn’t it dangerous for pigs to do more? Are you all right? More chickens, even more???

I’m lonely.

Tan stew with a soft pork tongue

And grilled. Recommended 5 skewers
It is delicious!


Jesi ~ ~ ~ ~


You know, it’s thriving well.


Hey, Shh.

Crunchy and crisp the skin of the surface is burnt and it is soft and fluffy.

Pig lover Gather!!! It is a shop.

Flyers are part of the menu.

I did not take a menu.

That’s what I have to call a great teacher and so on without permission,

I met you for the first time. Scooped -up,
I understand you’re reading a blog. It was a delicate person as I thought after all.

And, it is the elder brother my hometown of the nun who knows.

I felt a good head when talking to them.
And as always, I found myself a fool.

Mr. My hometown, you should go for a drink.

Next update to the shop…



Kitashinchi YuYu ( Grilled / Kitashinchi station , Ohe-bashi Station, Watanabe-Bashi station )

Kitashinchi YuYu
Address: 1F, 1-4-8, Doujima, Kita-ku, Osaka
Tel: 06-6341-1810
Opening Hours: 17:00 ~ 3:00 (next L.O. 2:30)
Closed: Sunday

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