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Koi Marshmallow Tea Starter SET @ Ujitawara tea Field Co., Ltd.

Koi Marshmallow Tea Starter SET @ Ujitawara tea Field Co., Ltd.


Thank you for your trouble, but please support me in a click every day. ) Plains?
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The request of the monitor while weak this blog or something, will be many combined from before

I was refusing because I can not express well,

I was troubled, but to gain experience, I think I will accept

I had a chance.

I wonder if it;) ‘s a good writing like me.

To our Clients

Thank you for your request.

I can’t express well, but I have eyes to see (laughs)

So you can send me a product called “Marshmallow Tea Starter Set”.

Please have a look at our first monitor.
大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎 大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎

I was wondering if there is any indication of the monitor, but nothing in particular, only the product has been sent.

So I will write as I like M (__) m

I love green tea the best in tea.

Loving thing…

Moreover, I love bitter sour. “It is smarting to the body W”

But this is for the masses.

It seems to offer the green tea which is easy to drink as marshmallow.

That’s why I was so worried about you.

The fifth consecutive year, the Monde Selection Gold Award is written.

When you open the inside
It is about 8 cm length of a special 8g.

大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎The eco-bag was on for some reason. W cute character is attached

He’s scared like me.


Inside state


Pockets on the outside


This way, marshmallow you? What do you say?

Although it is not in the photograph, “the introductory book which deepens the Taste of tea” is attached, too.

大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎This is the tea leaf. 50g

It is a trial amount of about six times.


大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎I’ll take a look at how to put


There seems to be sticking to the teapot, too.

It is a deep story.

大人しく一言美味しかった@尼崎It becomes cheap, but the character is good ~ ~ ~ ~


A small net is attached in the one that it enters about 150cc of the teapot about one Cup.

When you open the can, the scent flies……. steamed green tea deep steamed Sencha Gyokuro green tea is a golden ratio blend. Yes, tea leaves
are fragrant at this point .

8g put a spoonful

Pour the boiling water of 150?


I really like Yui

Well, not for now.

As described

In 45 seconds

It is a hundred years early to talk about tea, but probably above a certain level. I like the scent.

It might be feeling a little thick that I am good.

It is good tea leaves and the fragrance is nice. I also feel like a slight increase in sweetness by bitterness.

I don’t know how to taste the details,

If you do not like the Dark One, please increase the amount of water or shorten the time of steaming.

I recommend it in about 30 seconds. If you like bitter, it’s more than 45 seconds.

Purchase here Maybe 1050 yen start set ◆ Eco-Bag is not known.
Or phone 0120-59-5106

I usually get up in the middle of the night for tea and drink lightly, but drinking is basic.

It was very delicious for the sake break.

Especially, the recommendation is good for the visitor for the new year, isn’t it?

Thank you for your good green tea.

Well now if you say that I ordered to see the blog here!

Nothing (-_-;)

The customer is happy when I can put something on, too w

Not an affiliate. The person who is purchased because it is only writing as a monitor,

Please search and buy from anywhere you like.

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