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Millstone Self-milling handmade buckwheat noodles #西宮 #苦楽園

Millstone Self-milling handmade buckwheat noodles #西宮 #苦楽園

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Can you raise my tension with two clicks every day?

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Quiet today’s Word

Eve Eve. It’s not much of a concern to me, but if the city is bustling, I’d like to eat it alone.

I can’t get out of my futon before that. (-_-;)

Now Shokanju ni to the chase

I’m addicted to buckwheat noodles.

I am addicted to drinking at the Soba noodle shop rather than going to the buckwheat noodles.

Buckwheat noodles are fun.

There is a shop to be nervous a little because it is not noisy, but it is delicious-sake and drink…

I wish there was a delicious Soba noodle shop in Amagasaki.

We look forward to your information.


Well, let’s go inside.

I can’t read it, it’s my head.

10 minutes walk from the station

It’s right in front of the apartment or heights.

There are also four parking spaces.


This is also the Michelin Guide!

It is a book without relation to me as usual. Meets is nice.

But it’s full of buckwheat noodles, isn’t it?

The shop is a little stylish space, but there is no feeling that the threshold is high.

The shop owner is a little scary and feels a little bad, you know.

And the price of the menu was high.



Still, it is quite expensive. Truly, Paradise

I was a fool, forgetting to take a menu of one piece soba.

The Soba menu by hand

2 8 buckwheat Noodles 850 yen

Country Soba 850 yen

Buckwheat noodles (ten percent soba noodles) 1050 yen


Plum Hanamaki

Tempura soba noodles

A pot

I think there were other. Like this


The local sake is cold.

There seem to be a lot of dry liquor here all. I received “Kihime” and “Yue No kei Tiger”.

It is cold only one kind and I forgot either.


The green onion is caught in the thin agage. )

There are a lot of bizen ware dishes.


Tofu marinating Time

It is soft and sticky and thick formed by the kelp. Pretty soft

A dish to suit sake

But I don’t like kelp itself. I’m not an adult, so I eat everything.

Now let’s have soba
2 8 soba noodles with white buckwheat noodles

The buckwheat noodles (the black soba of eight) and

I think that three kinds of buckwheat noodles of ten percent soba of the powder beating became the set, and it was a three color buckwheat noodles .

It was about 1500 yen.

Order it


First of all, 2 8 soba noodles (white buckwheat noodles) came. Really.

You can eat anything delicious.

I’ll try it with salt.


The country soba (the black soba of eight) came.

This is more fragrant.



At last, ten percent soba of the raw powder beating

This does not accumulate. I emphasize the aroma from the waist with respect to soba

I like this the best.

Bring me a Shing at the right time.

Thank you.

The thickness is slightly weaker than the other.

I’m resting.



Because the price is attached, such as a liquor vessel, is it sold?


A little expensive but delicious.

I’ll find a better place near here.

It’s going to be less.

Handmade soba noodles (ukanya)
Address No. 15, Koshi-Iwacho, Nishinomiya-shi la kuna 1F
Phone number 0798-73-7776
Business hours 11:30 ~ 14:00 ・ 17:30 ~ 21:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday (open for public holidays)

There are four cars next to the parking lot.

Arihan and ( Soba/ Torakuguchi station )

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