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Movie “Kaigi Life Reversal Game” (no spoilers)

Movie “Kaigi Life Reversal Game” (no spoilers)

If you want to write an introduction article of art exhibition today, I was embarrassed to lose the Notepad…. Because I lost it in the room, I should have found it, but I tried to make it to the article first because I had seen the movie at the Late Show today. Today was the day of the United Cinema member 1000 yen, so I watched “Kaigi life reversal Game”.

【 Title 】
“Kaigi Life reversal Game”

[Official Website]

About 2 hours and 15 minutes

Bored _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ amused

[Video and actor]
Insufficient _1_2_ (3)

[Total Satisfaction]
Kitsch _1_2_ (4) _5_ masterpiece

Because I like the original manga of this work, when I heard that the man Endo is Yuki Amami, eh!? I thought, but it was interesting to see that there was not so much discomfort, rather had been strengthened presence. However, the role of Kaigi (Tatsuya Fujiwara), which was finished in the style of a baby face profusely, the tone of the Tonegawa without a sense of bigwigs (Kagawa Teruyuki). Although there is a calm feeling at the last minute that Kaiji is the original, I feel that only a hot temper is emphasized as a movie. I wonder if Tonegawa didn’t feel persuasive in the speech scene or something. It is not for a moment that there are many small-style production. (I mean the atmosphere is too different from the appearance W)

As for the story, the tempo is good because the original was quite compact, but there were many that I want you to do that scene in case of great pains. (I think that the person who does not know the original story is supposed to be able to enjoy without such a mind) has been modified of course, but I was not so much discomfort that overall total. It is a little pity that the scene of madness and cruelty that is also the charm of Kaiji was less than W is it really unreasonable?

So, there was a subtle place as the original favorite, but it was generally interesting. I felt like it has become a finish that people who do not know the original can enjoy.

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