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Movie “Kingdom” (with a little spoilers)

Movie “Kingdom” (with a little spoilers)

The other day, I saw the movie “Kingdom” on my way back from the office. This article contains a little spoilers, please be careful who want to watch without spoilers.

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【 Title 】

[Official Website]

About 2 hours and 15 minutes

Bored _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ amused

[Video and actor]
Insufficient _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ Fuller

[Total Satisfaction]
Kitsch _1_2_ (4) _5_ masterpiece

Because it was the first day of the public, the Late Show was full. This is a feeling that seems to become more popular in GW.

Well, this movie is the one that the cartoon of the same name was made into a live action film, and it is a story that the 嬴 government of Qin King who becomes emperor later aims at unification of China. It is a quick spoiler, but the original is still not a sign to unify, so where do you do when you hear that the film adaptation?? I thought the movie version was up to the neighborhood of my brother’s rebellion. Because it is a movie in the early stage considerably, it is in the place to be worried about how far ahead W

First, the story is about, I think this is almost as the original. There are some adaptations, but the level is not particularly worrisome. Each character is also almost as image, I think the original fans can watch with confidence. However, the main character in the movie to call the name suddenly even though there is no conversation scene once, who is not reading the original around here? It might be possible to become w (or become like a fellow between the wall or time W)
It is a cast next, but this was quite addictive. Although the Makoto Yamazaki of the shin role seems to be a little excessive acting, it was dusty, including it, and it was acting to feel the strength of the will also by Ryo Yoshizawa of politics and the stray post. Of course, the other members also had a high level of impressive (although the run Kai was indeed that… W) This is a happy miscalculation because I was concerned that it would be a cosplay competition in the trailer. It was good that there was no discomfort with respect to the image side. Well, it’s normal compared to Hollywood, but I think it’s a great thing to be able to do so far in Japan movies.

So, I was able to enjoy it is better than expected. Even if you do not know the original story, you will be able to watch it with confidence because it starts from this movie. Of course, I was feeling connected to the future also end, I’m looking forward to the next work. It was a work that the original fan also consented.

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