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Movie “THIS IS IT”

Movie “THIS IS IT”

The other day, I went back to the company to see the movie “THIS IS IT” at the Late Show. As many of you may know, this is a live-scene documentary with a collection of rehearsal footage from Michael Jackson’s last Live tour.


【 Title 】

[Official Website]

About 1 hour 50 minutes

Documentation and live video.

[Video and actor]
Deficiency _1_2_ 3_4_ (5) _ Fuller

[Total Satisfaction]
Kitsch _1_2_ (4) _5_ masterpiece

It was not very crowded because I saw it at the Late Show, but the people I saw were all crowded, so it seems to be quite a hit. (It seems to have extended the performance period)

It was a work that was considerably raised in me by the content that the making with the live DVD became it together. It is composed of only famous songs that are on the best board, and each song has a rehearsal meeting and Michael’s own instructions are reflected. It was a feeling that he was a perfectionist, a humble human being, and a well-known team of loyal staff.
There are many places to visit, but first of all, the dance is truly. This dance is so sharp that I can’t believe I’ve died after this, and it’s great, including the back dancers dancing behind. However, it is a pity that I could not see the moon Walk. It was music, but it was just as perfect as a CD with a voice that was so old that I didn’t think I was older. Also, the two guitarists were cool.
In addition, the video of the PV wind is also in some places, but this was also quite fired up, making the movie lively.

I was impressed by the great performance that Michael Jackson was listening to (like other musicians of his contemporaries) but still deserves the name of KING OF POP. Because it was a movie theater, it was hard for me to clap, shout, or get rhythm, but I got the energy to feel like going to live after a long time.

In addition, I found the page where all the songs and the Order were on the song which flowed in the movie. Because it becomes spoilers speaking of spoilers, please be careful who are going to watch the movie from now on

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