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Movie “Vice” (with spoilers)

Movie “Vice” (with spoilers)

I saw the movie “Vice” at the Late Show on my way home from the other day. This article contains spoilers, so please be careful if you want to watch without spoilers.


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About 2 hours and 10 minutes

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It was a free and almost reserved state… It seems to have struggled in a little Japan.

Now, the film is a political one based on historical facts and verifications (including speculation), and it is a story depicting the half-life of Dick Cheney who sought vice president in the age of George Walker Bush (child bush). This year’s Academy Awards have been rated as nominated for a Work Award and award for makeup and hair styling awards. The title “Vice”, which means “vice” in English and “Vice President”, means vice president, but Cheney is depicted as the strongest and worst vice president in history. In fact, Cheney took the flow of the al-Qaeda annihilation to the Iraq War at 911, which is also depicted in the film. I remember that Rumsfeld was more memorable, but the reason might have been a feature like Cheney who proceeded quietly as a shadow.

Please note that there is a spoiler from here.

The early stage of the movie was a useless guy who devoted one in the fight and sake by the mediocrity (the story of being in Yale University even if it said) proceeds to the road of politics to rehabilitate it, be admoniled by the wife, and to succeed before long. It has become like the story of the success of the life. This neighborhood is also a description of the family thoughts and seems to be lovable guy, but it was not caught in the Watergate before the opportunity to get a chance, such as the appearance of the appearing and the Power of the Tiger vision in the original of Rumsfeld can ask strongly ambition. I will continue to return in support of the wife while tasting the frustration several times afterwards, when thinking of his candidacy for the presidential election, in consideration of the slander battle and daughter circumstances and once retired from the political world. There was no one to stand a seat because there is no reason to end up in the false end roll in the neighborhood is not become a little surprise W Vice President, note to not be fooled by this once W

And, when becoming vice president by the invitation of the child Bush, the activity as the President of the shadow is drawn, such as to solidify the circumference in my camp in the back while standing up Bush ostensibly, to intercept communication, and to manipulate information. As far as watching this film, I wonder if you get the impression that old Cheney and his cronies are well guided by the ignorant bush. The state of the public opinion manipulation to expand the legal interpretation while using a good lawyer and think tank, etc Iraq. Feel like a little evil catharsis Although I feel that the interpretation of the maker of the movie is also taken into consideration, it seemed to be a historical fact. After all Iraq weapons of mass destruction did not come out, what was the fight for? Because it still casts a shadow over the situation in the Middle East, Cheney’s influence is immense.

Because I was able to understand the newspaper and the news at that time from about the 1990s, I understood it, but because of ignorance about the system of the politics of the United States and the confrontation structure between politicians, I proceeded to leave the circumstances of that side not swallow so much. Ichi the tempo is too early without explanation, it may be left in a blink of an instant without prior knowledge. I think knowledge is indispensable especially for the flow after 911. Also, in the middle of the end roll “This movie stinks, smells and thought. There is a line like the masochistic neta that “is biased, it feels everywhere w against it” liberal if you say the fact? There is also a dialogue that has countered, the degree of criticism that I said Flyers already. I’m not an American, so I’m not the only one, but I was nominated for an Academy Award and I was inaudible to wonder if it is around here. Because there was a conspiracy theory story like the occult I wanted to delve a little more there w

So, was the overall fun? It is certain that it is condemned while stirring up the evil deeds of Cheney as a fair and faithful making and it is not said anything W. I think it depends on people who feel vulgar or thrilling. I can enjoy something like Michael Moore, this was a little weak Buri the smart Justice Man of the creator W I think it would be interesting if you make more documentaries. I think it’s a movie for people who are interested in American politics and history.

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