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No Name Takoyaki shop oka @ Amagasaki-shi Higashi-sakuragi-machi (temple town)

No Name Takoyaki shop oka @ Amagasaki-shi Higashi-sakuragi-machi (temple town)

Sluggish state… (~ _ ~;)
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Last time I didn’t have time to wait.

This time I’m going to go Takoyaki mode from Judin in the morning

It was opened without losing even in the typhoon


Below elementary school students can sell 7 pieces for 100 yen.

The adult is 200 yen from 14 pieces.

The auntie and her aunt are well baked.

I’m nostalgic.

This little octopus,

There are two things in there.

Small happiness

My aunt is speaking to me. “It’s going to get off soon”

Bentou is sometimes a takoyaki
I sat down in a chair and looked at the instructions for the digital camera.
I envy you…

It burns to a crispy potash.


Kamui Kobayashi did you come here too?
Amagasaki Sightseeing in the town of pollution, it is a town revitalization in Kamui Road


Why is Konnyaku kelp sold (~ _ ~;) Country?


Because there is no one person today
A lot of Takoyaki was waiting for me.
It was just good to have a potash than to always eat.

I usually have a soft and fluffy normal is common.


This is half the sauce.

It rained a little.

It has a simple eaves,

When it rains violently, it cannot go home to eat in this shop, and be careful
I’m not wearing anything.


It is a small octopus, but it is kite ware. I often work hard at this price.

I want you to work hard from now on.

To push up the order… indeed, but please support me with a click every day. ) Plains?
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Takoyaki Hill
Address: 16 Higashi Sakuragi-cho, Amagasaki city
Tel: 06-6412-4764
Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Closed: Irregular

Kite-yaki-Oka (Other/ Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

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