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Noodle Restaurant Kanedaya Sakura-tei @ Black pig tonkotsu love this! #西宮JRさくら夙川

Noodle Restaurant Kanedaya Sakura-tei @ Black pig tonkotsu love this! #西宮JRさくら夙川

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Mr. Bowmore and Mr. and the information.

You can eat pork bone ramen of your favorite Kyushu

I came here with some errands.

The neighborhood was a bit of a walk.


There is a parking lot next to the store (;)…;)…;)

I was just walking away from the place and I wish I had heard it. ・;

Well, I can’t help it anymore.


I do not know such a small P mark if you run line 2 ~ ~ ~ Everyone parking lot.



Let’s go inside.

There are four staff in the store who feel like they are training, the owner, and the elder brother who is the most apprentice.

During the training, two people are in the counter. Lol


I’m not in the mood to take the menu today.

The Taste of ramen is one kind today in the DEFO!

Hardness of noodles on the menu, usually firm? In addition, it is included in the glue and the powder dropping, and is relieved.

It seems that the owner doesn’t like the owner of the store because he likes the burr.


After all, the noodles are the usual powder dropping. 700 yen is a little expensive, is it easy to eat about 600 yen?!

The atmosphere of the cat




I love you very much.

There is no unpleasant smell of the soup which is easy to slip though it is thick.

It’s a basic pig bone. Simple and want to eat every day

If it is a story of the shopkeeper, it is said that the rose comes out every day yet

It seems to be a little light-eyed today.

It seems to be a little more rich in fact that it is a complete soup,

This soup has been done politely and it doesn’t smell like that.

Well, I can’t say that I don’t have individuality, but I’m delicious.

Soup that makes you want to eat


The noodles are also good ~ the core which passes with crisp is good.

This is my favorite noodle.


It collapses when having it with chopsticks. Soft Char Siu


The toppings on the way! There is sesame, too.

It is perfect.

In the self-theory, high-and-red ginger and sesame are not allowed in the Kyushu pork bone.

Moreover, the free topping is absolute. M (__) m


A ringers, 150 yen. What do you think it’s expensive?

You have a lot of char siu small piece Sittin’

Could you give us 120 yen?

If you do not write with small piece char siu to the menu, you will feel it only high

The owner is a cyclist.

The senior seems to have put out the gold-Taya in Kyushu

Then, it is said that it brought it to Kansai Nishinomiya now.

Kyushu Black Pig ton knack it sounds good.

I hope to be successful in the opening of Hanshin Amagasaki.

Black Pig bone Kanada House Sakura Tei Noodle Restaurant

Address Nishinomiya-shi, 13-24-cho

Phone number 0798-35-0033

Business Hours weekdays 11:00 ~ 14:30 18:00 ~ 22:30

Saturday and Sunday Holidays 11:00 ~ 15:00 17:00 ~ 22:30

Closed irregular
2 parking spaces available

Noodle House Sakura Tei ( Ramen / Sakura Shukugawa Station , Nishinomiya Station (Hanshin) , incense Haji en station )

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