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Note: What will you do tomorrow? @ Hanshin Deyashiki, Amagasaki

Note: What will you do tomorrow? @ Hanshin Deyashiki, Amagasaki

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It is a little old, but previously,

I put it in the article of the chicken wings. 2011 11/23 Amagasaki Yokocho (food village) will be held at Sanwa market

I think that it is not such a big scale, but if you come near by all means

To Amagasaki!

It’s a five to eight minute walk from Deyashiki station.

Note: Just be aware of the time

It seems to be from 16:00 ~ 21:00

The poster is different.



At Hanshin Deyashiki Station, the one that becomes the Gourmet alley in early December seems to OPEN.

Information found at the station. Come here too

“The quiet word was delicious” is supporting the Amagasaki.

I play too much and have a slight cold. W

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