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Painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Institute [Matsuoka Art Museum]

Painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Institute [Matsuoka Art Museum]

The other day, I saw “the painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Institute” at Matsuoka Museum of Art. The trip and the expedition continued and the bosom became lonely, so I made full use of the pass to float the entrance fee and play, and it was a ladder in the order of the Matsuoka art Museum → The Garden Museum. (In addition, I put only in the path of Meguro Museum of Art nearby, but I was self-weight because I was tired indeed W)
The Matsuoka Museum of Art can take photographs if you keep manners, so I would like to introduce coldest pictures.
 * If there is a problem with the publication, I will put down the publication, please tell us.

Reference:The official site of the pass


【 Exhibition name 】
Painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Museum
Art exhibition of Ming Qing, China
The Art of Court craft
[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Matsuoka Art Museum 2f exhibition Room 5
【 Nearest 】 Shirokanedai station (Tokyo Metro) or Meguro station (JR/Tokyo Metro)
Date: October 3-December 23, 2009
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.
※ The photograph was taken with a compact digital camera.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
Special exhibition about 0 hours 20 minutes + exhibition 0 hours 30 minutes

[Crowded condition and congestion situation (around 14:00 on Sunday)]
Congestion _1_2_ 3_4_ (5) _ Comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ (3)

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ (3) _4_ 5 _ Clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(3) _4_2_ satisfaction

Because the special exhibition is only one room, I think that it will be in about 20-30 minutes.
There seems to be an exhibition and a late exhibition in this exhibition. I went to the exhibition for the first semester. (As an aside, the exhibition is increasing in the second semester… I want it to be summarized at one time if it is such a scale. )

First of all, it is “painters of the Great view, Kanzan and Japan Art Academy” exhibition. There was a work of painters of the art academy Japan including the title as for Taikan and Kanzan.

Yokoyama Taikan “Yumon”
Unseen a piece of atmosphere. The expression that seems to be felt up to the flow of air in the upper left is great.

Yokoyama Taikan “Dawn”
It is a work that feels the majestic like Taikan. It’s a subtle shade that looks hazy.

Shimomura Kanzan “Changan piece Moon”
The moon on a long low shines in Oboro and I feel tranquility.

Left:Shimomura Kanzan “Heron”This is my favorite work in this exhibition. It is full of grace.
Right:Ryuko Kawabata “Morning Glory”(Hatoguruma made ← men! I liked this very much, too. The blue of the Morning Glory is lovely.
P1080618.jpg P1080642.jpg

Harugrass Hishida “Fallen Leaves”
It is difficult to see in the whole picture, but very vivid fallen leaves were beautiful.

South Wind (Autumn Grass)
I feel like a little Lin-ish. I like to use color.

Seison Maeda “Beni Shiraume”
The branch seems to be lively with an advanced feeling.

Moriya Takashi “Bridge”
It was a work with a considerable impact. The bridge in front of the bird and the other side seems to emerge. The flow of the river is drawn though it is understood that it expands and it is black.

It was a small exhibition in that it was interesting content. There is also a commentary by QR code.

Because there was a little plan in other rooms of 2F, I will introduce it together. The exhibition seems to be the same as the great view and the Kanzan.

From here on the second floor of the exhibition Room 6“Art exhibition of Ming Qing, China” 

“The County Minesusui”
It seems to be a multi-talented person who passed the petty in the man around 1600 that the Chinese character does not come out in the conversion.

Wang Imagine
Set of 4 pieces. This is also a work of the 1600s. It is interesting that the landscape of Japan is slightly different.

Mamoru Sujiri “Landscape paintings”
This was a set of eight pieces. The song is also written elegance.

In addition, we also introduce the art of Ming Qing in China in the 2nd floor exhibition Room 4.

A variety of Chinese crafts are lined up.

A Chinese style jar. The shape and the coloring are splendid.

The conspicuously of this jade was conspicuous. As you can see, the birds are carved finely.

The jars made of jade and agate were beautiful. It’s a treasure mountain W
P1080804.jpg P1080808.jpg

So, I was pretty cut off and introduced, but there are a lot of good works that I did not introduce, so I think it would be interesting to see them actually carrying their feet. This is a favorite museum where you can always have a leisurely view and take pictures.
I will introduce the permanent on the first Floor next time.

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