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Photos of Maizuru Castle (Kofu Castle) [Yamanashi Travel]

Photos of Maizuru Castle (Kofu Castle) [Yamanashi Travel]

This is the final installment of the small travel series to Kofu. Because I am on a trip now, the article of the photograph Center continues W

Was the purposeAppreciation at the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of ArtThe end to the satisfaction, where I was going to return immediately, because I could not take the designated seat immediately returning train unexpectedly, I decided to wait one time to stop at the Maizuru Castle (Kofu Castle), which is right next to Kofu station.

Entrance of Maizuru Castle Park. It’s a 2 minute walk from Kofu station. There are few….

The park is like this. Maizuru’s name is not like Kofu W

Ishigaki. This stone wall was feeling a little Texan.

Up of the stone wall. I think this was a terrible w… It was a stone roll.

View from the castle tower ruins. It was good to see the view of Kofu.

You can see inside the park. The castle is a normal park.

There is a kind of mystery obelisk…. I didn’t know what to do.
DSC_3613.jpg DSC_3617.jpg

(Left): It is said that the Emperor Meiji was also made a row here.
(Right): Traces of the castle tower. In particular, there is no historical thing left to say.
DSC_3610.jpg DSC_3618.jpg

It is feeling. Well, I feel like you can see why not particularly featured in the tourist map. The view of Kofu City is merit. I do not feel enough if you read this article, the feet from Kofu station immediately, so you can watch in about 30 minutes, it may be a good spot for waiting time of the express.

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