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Pork ribs tonkotsu Udon small @ Usui Saryuu

Pork ribs tonkotsu Udon small @ Usui Saryuu

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Because I was peckish, I was disturbed Usui Saryuu a little.

I ordered pork bone rib udon.


I don’t like to write,


A word, the soup was not fun ~ I feel the pork bone of the instant,

I felt it was good in the ordinary udon soup.

The noodles are the same as the regular udon on the slender side.



It’s like this.

But 24 hours is convenient, walking around

Even if it is not open anywhere, it is saved that there is a place where it is empty.

Usui Saryuu Amagasaki Showa Dori Store ( Beef Bowl / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin), Big station )

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