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Pot fried Sanuki Udon kinhira Noodle @ Amagasaki

Pot fried Sanuki Udon kinhira Noodle @ Amagasaki

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I just wrote a PC old, so it freezes
It’s all gone.

I discourage to write about it.

I came to the self-noodle shop.

There were many parking lots and shops on Sundays for lunch.

Once in a while, I couldn’t think of something I wanted to eat rather than udon.
And, because the photograph was not chosen, three kinds were put.

Which one do you want? It is a story to decide by oneself?

It looks good because it doesn’t change very much.

The story of the shop, when you enter the store is already a procession from there.

It seems to order the topping of noodles and tempura, etc. along the flow from here in line.

The seat is not vacant though it has turned in order unexpectedly early, too;)

Well well

It’s free now.

The udon is a fast rotation!

The order is bukkake udon and squid heaven.

The thickness of the noodles seems to be usually narrow.
This time it’s normal.

This shop is a beginner’s attention.

The soup of tempura, green onions, ginger, tempura soup, and udon noodles are self-

Let’s put it along the flow before we return to our seats.
Because I did not know, I went to pick it up again.

Bite without expectation,

It was very delicious.

I think I know it’s popular, it’s cheap.

As for the tempura, the strange softness of the squid was feeling bad
I think the bamboo wheel is better. I care about shrimp, too.

It is more flimsy because the content is different when it disappears once

Like became content


Address: 4-4-3 Shimosaka Department, Amagasaki City

Tel: 06-6495-3191
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:30
Closed: None
Http:// />

Kinhira-made noodles Shimosaka branch ( Udon / TSUKAGUCHI Station (JR) , Amagasaki Station (JR) , Sonoda station )

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