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Rokurinsha sha TOKYO Noodles @ Hanshin Department store Umeda Honten Rakuten Good competition

Rokurinsha sha TOKYO Noodles @ Hanshin Department store Umeda Honten Rakuten Good competition

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I’m sorry for the story a long time ago. The update is not in time (;)

Today’s continuation of yesterday

It is the noodle hen of Rokurinsha sha TOKYO.
It’s the same as last year.

It is a test of how much your taste has changed.

This thick noodle is good.

I like the feeling that I can eat guts.


Char Siu that were put in the wild…


It’s full.

Delicious Classic Noodle noodles


But the excitement of the last year

This year, there wasn’t that far.

The noodle is very satisfying, and the thick is pleasant.
It smells good.

The soup of the pork bone of the fish which was imitated everywhere

I might have gotten a little tired.

I feel like I can not find anything more than this,

The noodles are usually from a fish-based pork bone or

It was not interesting, but a year ago, I got used to taste.


I wish I could bring you a Chinese noodle or something.

I’m looking forward to a good tournament next year.

If you buy from the mail order, you can buy from here,
I am very grateful because I have a point.
The first person to eat, recommended ↓
800,000 meals sold out in three servings ! Its name is “limit Dashi” Japan aorta Tokyo Station…


1 Servings hiroshi 2011 6 Rin SHA Tokyo


Rokurinsha SHA Tokyo ( Noodles / Tokyo Station , Kyobashi station , Double Bridge Mae Station )

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