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Secret Bar Sub Bar deepening @ Osaka’s deep sea? What’s a submarine bar?

Secret Bar Sub Bar deepening @ Osaka’s deep sea? What’s a submarine bar?


The first one is also the edge of something M (__) m

Even if you do not have to update the-sorry ahead of trouble,

Can you raise my tension with two clicks every day?
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人気ブログランキングへStreet Food B class  gourmet ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

Today’s quiet word

It is a Merry Christmas. No religious interest.

I’ll show you something interesting.

Quiet, groggy, unconscious…

It was taken away by the soldier in other cities in the vicinity, and it was spent walking.

I was made to walk in various places so that I could not understand the location of the base.

I was made to photograph various pictures lol

I had no idea which way to go, so I dumped the photo in the Trash…

The bad arm is too evil weep

It was a problem of the camera beginner. (・・;)

Without knowing before here


Actually, I don’t know how to get there… maybe…

Really don’t know

It seems to be a secret base submarine of this place so.

This is a delusion. For the first time, attention (laughs)

It seems to have been abducted by the submarine bar deepening. Compliant




The inside of the submarine is dim like this

The owner of the shaved crew )


It’s a-sorry.

I’m scared of a little light


Is the priest in this post (master? .

To drink a drink called JT (gin and tonic) with the commander.

◆ Ask a normal gin and tonic is a delusion.

I’m tired of walking around, and I want to talk.

If you look around, it’s packed with people who are brought here before you know it.

Have they all been abducted? But he enjoys the atmosphere.

I’m just as tired as I am.

This crew looks happy to see it.

The tension was solved,

It’s a dangerous event.


It seems to have come to the restroom while becoming leaking, and the JT (gin and tonic) turned and stuffed the hand.

How do you open it?

I’ll be right here! W

The heavy door is heavy.

I’m desperate.

I managed to open it, but I didn’t bother to open it.

Thank you.

I have a hard time opening the next.

■ Go and make sure.


The door of such a feeling when I see from the inside…

Scary and Restless

We have to get out early.


The toilet is just normal.

Dragon Ball’s Piccolo Daimajo’s spaceship and movie The Fly reminds me of a man’s movie (~ _ ~;)


The commander looks anxiously here.

It’s too wasteful to blur.


Back and Highball

It seems that my innocence has been proven to be an informal conversation.

Why did the submarine from the Anchorage




There is a place in the world that we don’t understand.

The secret bar is still a mystery in me.

You should practice more pictures, too, weep

Submarine Bar Deepening (shin)

Address 1-1-10 Yasudoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Phone number 06-6766-2768

Business hours 19:00 ~ 03:00

Closed Wednesday

Deepening ( Bar/Liquor (Other) / Tanimachi Rokuchome station , Tanimachi 4- chome Station, Matsuya-machi station )

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