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Soba-Cut Bundou @ Tanimachi 6-chome Subway

Soba-Cut Bundou @ Tanimachi 6-chome Subway

Why won’t you push me? Can you please push even if you do not have to update the-sorry is serious trouble ahead.

Why don’t you press it every day and watch it? The motivation is different!!!

This is my priority. M (__) m really… please motivate me in my heart.

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人気ブログランキングへStreet Food/>ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ/> B class Gourmet

I was thirsty, and I thought how many times I had to take a drink before that.

It is 30 minutes before the meeting time.

It’s too early to loving Iker But I’m restless.

So wait.

I miss Beer.

Patience… patience… just a little email reminder…


I don’t want to.

Thank you for coming earlier than time.

The teacher drank his throat in the first PLACE. XXXXXX (;)

It was done…;) that’s the right answer!

Let’s hurry ahead soon W

Maybe for the first time

You will be abducted by Tanimachi line.

Very close to the station

We arrived at the opening of the evening!

The photograph was taken on the condition that other customers came.

The person who wants to take a photograph by the person who is going seems a lot of attention complaints.

In the restaurant with a renovated Machiya, the children are not allowed to enter the restaurant.

To take the back of the store

The atmosphere is awfully good w


Anyway, it is beer. Too thirsty



The mountain Aoi is flushed at first in the Nori Tsukudani.

You’ll want Japan sake.



Akika (Osaka) Tokubetsu Junmai

The teacher who says to Osaka because it is Osaka is gentle and teaches you anything.

This is a thought that gasped somewhere, but I do not remember,

It is always delicious.

It is deep–a rich taste of sake makes me feel the goods.

I drank sake and cried because it was too delicious.

Marinating time pictures of tofu are big, but small ones.

You don’t need that much, so if you’re just a good one, you can drink a refill.

It is good ~ ~ ~ ~ Sake Only

Wind Forest (Nara) Pure rice spill

It is a small foaming sake.

A cup of exquisite taste is delicious.

I remember the bear in the forest.

I’m not sure if I remembered to change my sweat.



It is thin fried.


Hey, here’s to the restroom,

Let’s plug it in.

You have to plug it in.

Is the sum

I want more.
A bomb

I’m not good at the tide smell.

If this is a tidal smell, the teacher cannot eat it otherwise.

But it’s not so fishy here

I was barely exquisite. It smells a little more.

Oh, no!

I’m not good at shellfish life.

But this one was eaten. It is said, and the wind and the smell of the crunchy and the tide are called.

It is good.


There seems to be a dish of sake.

Even if you ask for the same sake, different things come out.

Have you heard the story, wife the shop? Not a little.

Do you feel like you have a product?

I do not feel friendly and dignified. I talk to you.

The place where there is a product is this?

Even if you say a gag

I probably don’t laugh at work.

I am dignified.


It is our small appetite.

So you have to go crazy with booze. Lol

To feel good, I was tipsy.

It is thrown out when it is too much.

It’s time for soba noodles.

Let’s get soba soon.

White buckwheat noodles,

It seems to be basic of soba.

I am ignorant and do not have goods either. I’m a nun, C class.

It was fun and delicious. There is such a delicious soba.

Loving, I want to eat soba now. If you remember!!!

Do not accumulate

I’m addicted.

The fragrance is good.

The next time I eat black, I will never… Www

If Soba is so good, I want to eat soba noodles.

I want to go somewhere.



To eat such a delicious thing.

I feel like I’ve seen a new world.

I met a good person to look after, thanks to the blog…

I don’t have a taste for something delicious.

If you are with a person who can eat happily, what a good! It is the extreme theory.

Fun is the beginning of the night.

I’m a gudeta, but…


Loose Bundou (Ayame)
Address 2-2-26 Yasudoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Phone number 06-7504-5260

Business hours 11:30 ~ 14:30 ・ 17:30 ~ 20:30

Closed Thursday

Soba-cut Bundou ( Soba/ Tanimachi Rokuchome station , Matsuya-machi station , Tanimachi 4- chome station)

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