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Spain Bar Sebasuke (Spain) @ Kobe Hanshin Mikage Station North Side

Spain Bar Sebasuke (Spain) @ Kobe Hanshin Mikage Station North Side

人気ブログランキングへStreet Food ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B-Class Gourmet, Kansai Street  

Today’s quiet word

I have a sore throat.

Drinking something warm and drinking it will work well.

Now to the article

We came to the next shop.

It is a shop that has been in the article before.

It’s fun-peace and I… simple and easy to understand

It is drunk every once and is Gudagada.

This time I came to the north side of Hanshin Mikage station.

I came to eat paella.

Cheers in red wine before that

I forget the brand. W

I don’t even know the memo;)


It is good meat. It is delicious without the muscle.




Steamed Mussels in sherry

I forgot to ask you when you came before, and I regretted it.

Hurry Order ^ ^

I just love ants, but some salt is too effective

Perfect for a white wine!

I love shellfish through fire.

Next, the paella you are looking for


What I asked for is a fisherman’s paella with plenty of seafood. I’m sorry it’s been two years.

I still like it.

I waited about thirty minutes, but the core is not remains in rice, and the taste is good and is delicious.

Bee taste thick, but good soup with abundant seafood! The fragrance is abundant.






There seems to be no picture of the menu with paella 、、、..;)

I think there are more kinds.

I will float a little if you go with two old man.

But I do not care W

Not to be defeated… Laughs

It was a good night, but it was cold.

Spanish bar Sebasuke/>
Address 1-6-6 Grande Ria Mikage 1F, Mikage-machi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe
Phone number 078-845-8415
Business hours 17:00 ~ 26:00 ( 25:00 drink 25:30)
Closed daily

Home Page
Spain Bar Sebasuke ( Spain Cuisine / Mikage station (Hanshin ), Sumiyoshi Station (Hanshin) , Ishiya-Gawa station )

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