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Spring 2012 Hanshin-Bal Bar Schedule Information @ Everyone’s teaser on the region activity

Spring 2012 Hanshin-Bal Bar Schedule Information @ Everyone’s teaser on the region activity

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Today’s quiet word
It is information that I want to guide you to everyone although there is a story.

My ranking is supposed to be something else. Thank you really always


Bar information!!!

The blog to support Amagasaki without permission was a word delicious

I want you to go to the bar in Amagasaki… this time is Mukogawa-sou

I want you to come to the Hanshin nun.

But the bar information of the area around Amagasaki-

I am allowed to use what was listed in the living room.

Kinda information on

Nishinomiya East Exit Bar (Nishinomiya Higashiguchi shopping street) 2012 4/7


Koudong Garden Bar (around Hankyu Koutoen) 2012 4/17

Mukogawa-Sou Baru (around Hankyu Mukogawa-sou) 2012 4/14

Koshien Ladder Bar (Hanshin Koshien-Narao-Mukogawa River) 2012 4/21

Itami Machinaka Baru (city center) 2012 5/19

Kintakabaru (Hankyu Kawanishi nose guchi) 2012 5/26

Is going to be held ~ bar favorite people please try the ladder W

I hate to line up, but…

I don’t know what to do.

Since the season is getting better, it’s not so hard to line up

I wish I could do something about my Hanshin Amagasaki!

I guess there’s a lot of opposition in some parts. Sweat


Please check the website for details.

It’s fun! This kind of thing is a kind of mind and come

Article may be updated in the evening

I’m not counting on you.

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