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Spring Night Garden-the concert of the mysterious Night-Hakone Gora Park, Hakone Hen 2019

Spring Night Garden-the concert of the mysterious Night-Hakone Gora Park, Hakone Hen 2019

I have a lot of pictures today. I took a day off last Friday and went to Hakone, but on the first night I watched a light-up event called “Spring Night Garden-a mysterious night concert” at Hakone Gora Park near Gora.


【 Exhibition name 】
Spring Night Garden-concert of a mysterious night

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Hakone Gora Park
【 Nearest 】 Park top Station/Koen-Shita Station/Gora station

Date: February 23 (Sat)-April 21 (Sun), 2019
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 0 hours and 30 minutes

I was able to enjoy it comfortably.

Well, this light-up is a consistent “night kneading project”, and is a part of Gora park color in the direction of creative director Mr. Takeuchi Sayaka, and soiree also used projection mapping. Instead of the whole light up, it was a light-up of a stylish atmosphere, each directing the theme of “Spring,” “Night” and “concert” in six areas. I will introduce the details using a photograph.

Here is a gramophone near the beginning of the mysterious night which was at the entrance, and welcomes you with sound and light.
I wonder if there is already a fantastic atmosphere around here. I was able to see it for 500 yen in Hakone free pass by the way. It is a little difficult to put only from the main gate

This is the “guideway of the Night” near the stairs next to the main gate.
The light and the lantern of the round sphere shone on both sides of the road. You can hear the faint music from somewhere.

It is like this when I watch “The Signpost of the night” from above.
In fact, the mood has been more w it had become a road of stylish atmosphere.

There is a fountain in the center of the park.
The fountain itself was lit up, and I was able to see a figure that I couldn’t normally find. When you come around here, you can hear music from the back.

The fountain and the scenery behind it are the theme of “Spring Still Sleeps”.
The light up is reflected on the water surface and it is very beautiful. I think this is one of the highlights.

Angle difference. There is an interesting idea in the area of the tree lit up ahead.
It is not because of the traffic network that it is quite vacant though it is a beautiful only this because the cable car of the nearest W had already finished, I feel that I can come only by car and not staying in the vicinity of Gora.

Near the fountain there was a shop called Isshiki-dou Tea corridor, which was open.
There is a restroom around here, so you can take a break and relax around the fountain. But this day I looked around as soon as possible because it was pretty cold in the cold snap of unseasonably W

The tree I saw earlier is cedar. What shines around the trunk is a chandelier.
DSC04045.jpg DSC04048.jpg
It is fashionable to have a shiny string-like crystal around the chandelier. This was like the theme of “Taiki Waiting for Spring”.

Chandelier up
The idea which seems to come out to the picture of surrealism to hang the chandelier to the tree is interesting.

At the back, there was the illumination of the dream of the spring night and the production of projection mapping and music. The music which I had heard all the time was flowing from here.
It is the feeling that the illumination responds with the singing of the woman who is soaring. I’ve been watching it twice in about a few minutes.

On the way back, it is a route which is slightly deviated sideways.
There is an event pavilion like a greenhouse in the distance, and it is a fantastic spectacle where the light blooms like the flower in the road.

In the event hall, it was a production called “Secret Garden Party”.
DSC04092.jpg DSC04070.jpg
The clock is ticking and the surroundings are filled with flowers and light.

There are a number of harbarium (such as a flower in a tubular glass vessel).
It is a lovely atmosphere when light is hit by the Harvalium. There was a plan to vote which one was good.

This is a lantern.
The light seemed to be a little fantastic like the projection mapping here.

This lantern is also.
There is also a tea cup so you can understand the secret soiree theme well. It is an interesting scene that seems to be a picture.

There were a number of harvalium lined up on this shelf.
The white branch is elegant, and it is a gorgeous production only of the woman.

This room was warm because there was quite a place to sit, so I watched it for a while.
I think this is the main attraction of this event.

So, it was a fantastic light up when I stopped by a little after the meal of the inn. It may be difficult to carry a foot because the traffic network of the night is insecure, but I think that it will be helpful when I go to hakone this spring because there is a charm different from usual.

Although it is regrettable that I did not see the Hakone Museum of Art almost for the convenience of time, there is a museum of art in the immediate vicinity of Gora Park. It is close to the museum of Sculpture and Okada Museum of Art, and I think the Gora area is a fun place for art lovers.

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