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Thank you for the sticker and my medicine is mainly stomach medicine

Thank you for the sticker and my medicine is mainly stomach medicine

人気ブログランキングへStreet Food ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B-Class Gourmet, Kansai Street  

Hare-(́ journal ‘)

It seems to be the one at the fishing show.

Thank you, sorry. The ∀

This is something that people who are not bass fishing do not know,

The famous bus pro Imae Katsutaka from the past

It is a sticker .


IMACAC Sticker

The moment I got the sticker, I wanted the Temjin.

When it is not for sale, it is waste and it is not able to be pasted.

Before that, there is no gap to put in the tackle box… sweat


It’s not quite the story, but yesterday

Bought. Worried

The condition of the stomach, the condition of eyes, and the condition of the shoulder are amusing

Take care of your eyes and stomach in a hurry

The hot spring is good on the shoulder.

Well, I’ll do it.

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