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The beginning of 2012 in the middle of the Cantonese King (Wanchu) @ Amagasaki JR Tachibana

The beginning of 2012 in the middle of the Cantonese King (Wanchu) @ Amagasaki JR Tachibana

人気ブログランキングへStreet Food B class  gourmet ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ

This is another three years in a row.

I don’t like the dish so much since I was little.

My family home was always pot. W

Recently, however, more and more homes are being ordered, and I have been here for the first time in three years.

Is it the cause of this osechi that I asked for a Chinese Ochochi?

Well, every year, it’s a little different.

It’s almost together.

Very delicious.

Did you go to the store to eat last year???

It might not have been too bad (~ _ ~;) this year I want to go… I like Shaoxing sake. Steamed Chicken or


There are about seventeen kinds of them.


The meat dumpling and the new appearance are not understood well, but stir-fry sausage

@ Tsu ↑ ↑


@ Tsu ↑ ↑


@ Tsu ↑ ↑

Chinese cabbage pickles? This is the first time I feel like a guy.


@ Gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑

The eggplant is also good-shishamo is sweet and sour, but better seasoned


@ Gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑

The Tsukudani of the lever loving the new osechi of this year’s debut.
大人しく一言美味しかった #尼崎グルメ写真ブログ
@ Gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑ -Potato Salad the best ceased! Type.


@ Gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑
Steamed Chicken (White sliced chicken). This is delicious.

I imitate it at home, but I wonder how do I do the fragrance is different after all? w

I’ll be ordering it for three years, so it suits my mouth.

@ Gon 思hazare ↑ ↑ ↑ Now eat again from the morning sake.

Chinese Food King

Address: 2-12 Shichimatsu-cho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 06-6411-3951
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 14:30 18:00 ~ 22:00
Closed on Wednesdays


All over the king ( Cantonese Cuisine / Tachibana station )

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