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THE Habsburg (Habsburg exhibition) [National Art Museum]

THE Habsburg (Habsburg exhibition) [National Art Museum]

Probably because there were many days that can not be updated busy recently, the number of accesses and blog ranking is also reduced motivation is decreased…. So, I discourage to introduce the Habsburg exhibition of attention now and to liven it up. Because I felt that it seemed to be crowded just by the sound of Habsburg, I went to work on weekdays using the substitute leave that I worked on holiday.


【 Exhibition name 】
THE Habsburg
Treasures of the Habsburg Monarchy
-140th Jubilee of the Friendship Treaty
Between Austria-Hungary and Japan

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 National Museum of Art Planning exhibition room 1E
【 Nearest 】 Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station/Hibiya Line/Oedo line Roppongi Station
Date: September 25 (Fri)-December 14 (Mon), 2009
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 2 hours and 30 minutes

[Crowded condition and congestion situation (it is around 14:00 on weekdays)]
Congestion _1_ (2) _3_4_5_ comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Deficiency _1_2_ 3_4_ (5) _ Fuller

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ (3) _4_ 5 _ Clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

Although it was quite crowded even on weekdays, I was able to see at my own pace W was good within the scope of the assumption. There were many explanations of the collection by country, but it might be difficult to understand all at once.
I have made a note of some of my favorite works for the time being.

Portrait of the Hapsburg family >
The first corner is a portrait of the people of the Hapsburg family. The Hapsburg people seem to have portrayed the portrait as it was, and it seems to have become an idealized image in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is a pretty handsome & beautiful woman as it is.

Hans von Aachen “the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II”
A portrait of the emperor who laid the foundations of the Hapsburg collection. I think there are some people who recall the name of this emperor, and there was a portrait of a pair of vegetables and fruits drawn in a trick-and-match exhibition held in Bunkamura this summer. (Reference articleThe Kingdom of the Strange Art
It seems to have been a considerable oddball, and only the artist such as the painter was seen for a lifetime, and the aesthetic eye was a sharp person. Even if it is said that it is eccentric, the stout style which seems to be emperor was drifting.

Andreas Mellor “Empress Maria Theresa, 11 years old” ★ Can be seen here.
The Empress is a portrait of Maria Theresa. There were quite a few items related to Maria Theresa in this exhibition. It was a portrait to feel the strength of the youthfulness and the will to wear dignity and the style that I did not think to be 11 years old. Indeed, the people who built the golden age of the Hapsburg family have different aura since childhood.
ReferenceMaria Theresa’s WikiMarie Antoinette’s mother.

Franz Xaffer Vinter Halter “Austria Princess Elisabeth” ★ Can be seen here.
She is the Queen of Franz Josef I. The left side of the body is drawn, and the figure looked back. She wears a white dress that conveys even the texture, and has a gentle gaze. The original style was outstanding (as I kept the waist 50cm until the death), and the dress with the volume seemed to strengthen the presence. The portrait of his husband, Franz Josef I, was also displayed next to him. It seems to have loved each other quite seriously.
ReferenceEliza Viet (Empress Austria) wikiThe pictures look quite similar to the picture. The end was assassinated by a anarchist with a rasp…. )

Painting Italy
It is a country from here. First Italy painting

Raffaello Santi “Portrait of a Young man”
Dude, Raph is coming up…. It is a statue of a man wearing a red hat. The hair which came out from the left and right of the hat with a long hair is like the ear of the dog W Mountain and Woods, and was smiling very gentle expression. I thought it was Raphael himself, but it is different ish.

Lorenzo Lot “Madonna and St. Catherine, St. Thomas”
From left to right, angels → Madonna (Maria, Christ) → St. Catherine → The large screen works in the Order of St. Thomas. It was a refreshing impression conspicuously the blue vivid robe of Maria. I was surprised to see the expression of the shadow falling from the tree above the Saints.

Jorgione (real name: Giorgio da Castelfranco) “The Boy with the arrow” ★ Can be seen here.
I don’t know who it is, but it is a statue of a boy in red with an arrow. It looks a little feminine. It was impressive to stare here with eyes that appealed for something.

Titian Vescelllio “Isabella d’este”
This Isabella seems to have been a both brains woman and has a strong face of intention. Wearing a turban-like hat, this is like the hat she invented. I had a big beast tail in my hand, and it was a very luxurious feeling.

Titian Vescelllio “Madonna and St. Paul” ★ Can be seen here.
It depicts a scene in which St. Paul, a Christ-holding Mary and a book, is talking. Paul seems to be reflecting the appearance of the Order Lord. It was a soft and crisp color, and I felt a fresh animation on my skin.
By the way, Carl V., called the greatest, explained that he had called Titian a “modern Aperez,” and that he could only portray himself in Titian. “Aperez” is a legendary painter who painted the likeness of Alexander the Great, so he expressed himself in the analogy of Alexander the king.

Veronese (real name Paolo Caliagli) “Yupit with the neck of Holo ferness”
It is a work depicting a young woman who has a raw neck. This is a scene in which the Jewish woman “Yupit” cuts the neck of the enemy general “holo-ferness” which made drunk drunk, and is packed in the bag. The woman had a very cool face and had a strange feeling. The contrast of the raw neck and the beautiful woman was interesting. There was a picture of the same subject in the middle of this exhibition.

Giovanni Antonio Buffini “Orpheus and Euridique”
Orpheus of the Bard, went to bring back his wife Euridique, who died until the netherworld, but got the forgiveness of Hades of the underworld, “do not look at the face of the wife until it goes to the ground (do not look back)”, The story that I watched at the last minute is a theme.
ReferenceOrpeus Wiki
This picture depicts Orpheus, who is stretching his arms to his wife Euridicke and his wife, who open their hands and look so bitter. The two of them had a dramatic and powerful screen as if they had a strong light. Cerberus was roar in the lower left.

Painting Germany
It is midfield around here. Germany painting was a very deep content, although the score was less.

Albrecht Dürer “Portrait of a Young man” 
A portrait with a slightly thin man on a red background. It is interesting to know how much it was influenced by this person W Kishida Ryusei which recalled the work of Kishida Ryusei at first glance in the style which feels thin yet animation.

Albrecht Dürer “Portrait of a young Venetian woman” ★ Can be seen here.
It is a portrait of a blond woman with strong eyes. The hair on both sides of the face is braided, and the back is summarized by the net. This is a fashionable hairstyle at the time. It was a moist and delicate line drawing, and it seemed to express the subtle feelings of a person.

Lucas Cranach (father) “Salome with the head of St. John the Baptist” ★ Can be seen here.
This is the best exhibition I’ve ever wanted to see! It is a picture that the famous Salome has the head of John in the W opera etc. It is the neck of John who is ajar W eyes and the mouth is Salome to put on the tray and smile. Even sensual in an atmosphere of gloss. Gorgeous ornaments and hairstyles are dressed like they were popular in Saxony (Germany) at the time. Life and death, the assortment of the neck and the beautiful woman made me feel a strange beauty.

Special Listings >
Just around the middle of the exhibition, there were about 50 Japan ukiyo-E on display. In fact, it seems that Emperor Meiji sent it to Franz Josef I and Elisabeth as a sign of friendship.

Deok Kano, Hiroyoshi Sumiyoshi, Yukisai Hattori, Fuiko Matsumoto, Utagawa Hiroshige (three generations), Toyohara country circumference “customs, tales, beauties figure
 ★ Can be seen here.
It was a work in the county that conveyed the appearance of various Japan, and was only a work with a vivid color and preservation condition. There was also makie that was drawn with the nature of the Japan that was nearby, but it was also a precise and amazing masterpiece.

Crafts and Armors >
Not only painting works, but also crafts and armor.

Ostavio Mizeroni/Monogram HC meister “Conch-shaped pot with Neptune statue”
It is a bowl which imaged the shell. If you think it’s a design that you’ve seen before, you might have seen it in the still life. It was wonderful with a smooth finish that I did not think that I made it by shaving a stone.

Unknown author “Toad”
A toad-shaped figurine made of coral fossils. Because the skin of the frog is expressed by taking advantage of the texture that the surface of the coral is Potsdamer Platz, it is quite real. This seems to have been the property of Rudolph II, and it was part of a collection that only the nobles could see.

Franz de Hamilton “the Holy Roman Emperor Leo Porto I”, “Princess Eleonore Magdalena”
This is a little surprise portrait. It is drawn using a rainbow-colored shell like silver and raden on a black background. It was beautiful that the silver and the rainbow colored a little soft light.

Unknown author “helmet and Circle Shield for ancient Infantry Parade”
It is a ocher shield and a helmet. A profound feeling and a tightly detailed decoration were splendid. Is it for the king? It was like the armor of Dragon Quest to the real W

Unknown Author “center Piece for Sherbet”
It is a work that I liked very much. A tree-shaped centerpiece with five or six arms, a shellfish-shaped sorbet is hanging. Each arm part had a cameo in the family. Do you know whose sherbet this is? W It was interesting to use. In Vienna at this time, it is called the city of gastronomy, and six goods have come out to one meal even in the middle class according to the commentary. Eat too much W

Painting Spain
The Habsburg house was only under the influence of the Spain politic marriage, and it seemed to have a rich collection of Spain.

El Greco (real name: Dominos Theotokópoulos) “Annunciation”
The angel with the white lily which means purity to the right, and Maria is drawn to the left. A white, lightning-like crack runs from the top to the center with a blue black background, and the dove is coming down. Because of the crack, it was the atmosphere with a sense of tension. This picture might be famous because I feel that I saw it somewhere.

Diego Velázquez, “The Princess of White Margarita Teresa” ★ Can be seen here.
It is a work of this poster. There was a work called Velázquez’s “portrait of the Princess Margarita” in the Louvre exhibition which was done in Ueno this spring, and it is often understood that it portrays it very often because there was a margarita statue in the Vienna Still Life exhibition which I did here last year.
(Reference linkMargarita of the Louvre The margarita of the Vienna Still Life exhibition
I think that it was how to use it like a wedding photograph sent to the marriage. This picture is a princess feeling in the feeling that it was kiritsu. However, it seems to me to know that I am seeing the growth process.

Diego Velázquez, “Prince Felipe Prospero” ★ Can be seen here.
Margarita’s brother. It looks like a little girl, but it is a prince. I was wearing a talisman and the like was sickly. However, it was not worth it and it died after two years of this picture. I was feeling that there is a shadow unreliable somewhere cute because of that. It seems to be considered the cause of the sickly that the inbreeding advanced.

Bartolome Esteban Murillo “archangel Michael” who pushes the demon into the abyss ★ Can be seen here.
Stomp Michael the frightened demon. Is it like the four-step devil stepping on the evil demon? W The wings were open and dignified, Michael had a sword with flames in his hand. I thought that it had a different atmosphere from the France etc. in the picture of the thin feeling of the line fine.

Flemish Netherlands Painting >
The last is my favorite Flemish painting! I was happy to have one or two big names.

Peter Paul Rubens and Atelier “The House of the filet and Baukis and the Mekurerius”
There are four people (God) and a duck-like bird sitting surrounded by a table. Everyone has a rich expression, and the expression of the muscle and the body is dense and plump feeling. It was a work of Rubens with a graceful atmosphere.

Peter Paul Rubens, “Mary Magdalene and elder sister Malta of Penitent” ★ Can be seen here.
That? Malta sister, Maria, is Mary Magdalene or someone else? This work seems to confuse two Maria (Maria of Betania and Mary Magdalene) when thinking.
ReferenceBetonia Maria Wiki)
This painting is a very graceful and animated style. Maria who was confessing by kicking the jewel box with the foot while looking up diagonally, and the Malta which suffered a black hood after the left were drawn. I don’t know what you think. The Lady Rubens drew is really amazing.

Anthony van Dyck (? Portrait of a Man
This is a career artist who worked as Rubens ‘ assistant. This picture depicts a man who seems to be stubborn. It seems that the noble and dignified style of this picture, but the nobility who tried to ask him for portraits, did not end.

Hans Fredeman de Fleece “The people who Sogakudo in the palace”
A piece depicting the palace finely. On the left is a picture of people playing music. The corridor in the center was interesting in the sense of perspective that seemed to be sucked into the back.

Yang Bruegel (father) “Landscape of the Forest” ★ Can be seen here.
The flowers are Bruegel! But it is not a picture depicting a flower. W in the picture of the forest painted vertically, it is an expression to feel the depth in the forest by drawing vertically. The left half is bright because the sky and the castle are seen, and the right half is thick and the appearance of the forest filled with the mystery is drawn. The feeling that the Akira and the dark of such a thing live together is like Bruegel.

Willem Kroos zone Höda “Still Life with ham, parrot Cup, champagne glass and silver decanter”
The object of the title is placed on the table. It is a very realistic picture of the texture is transmitted to none. Especially, the reflection of silver and the light of the shellfish was like the real thing.

Rembrandt Hull menses Zone van Rayne “The son of a reading painter, Titus van Rain”
Rembrandt was also well contained in the collection. It is an image of the boy who is relaxing and reading a book happily. The mouth is opened a little, and it seems to be reading the book. The soft light on the hands and face made me feel the finesse of the expression of the light of Rembrandt, and had a very warm atmosphere of family thought.

So, I think this exhibition was not to be missed this fall. It is expected to be crowded when the end of the exhibition is approaching, so if you are interested, you should go out early.

Write the article so you will be fine, ↓ I’m glad you get to click on the two rankings. Thank you.
(Append: Thanks to the support Pochi of everyone was back to about the third place of the original ranking. I really appreciate it. Thank you for your support in the future. )

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