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The usual shop tour of Hanshin Amagasaki

The usual shop tour of Hanshin Amagasaki

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Today’s quiet word

My throat hurts. I want to do a lazy day today.

Sake is progressing willingly, and a thousand feet ~ ~ ~

Raripappa is.


There is no charge, but always easy to enter


I hate vegetables like me, why do you ask for Caprese?


My stomach is freaking out on my way home.

The satiety Center was broken (^_^;)


It has been done by such a place.

Tiger and Dragon Amagasaki Kanda store It’s been a while.

Because there was not the person who seemed to be a manager, it entered. BIG W


The store is almost full

Everyone is feeling back drinking



The appearance is still lonely… is the tool sinking or too little?

I also feel like I’m decreasing the green onion and the wood ear gradually.


Today’s soup is a little bit back.

Amagasaki Store revival


Char Siu got to be loving… so small and hard

Are you making this here?



Let’s put high-greens and sesame and Beni ginger ^ ^

It was very popular.

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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