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This ramen together

This ramen together

It’s almost the limit… it doesn’t change much even if I update it every day.
Thank you for your inconvenience, but please support me in a click, both daily. ) Plains?

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人気ブログランキングへB class Gourmet ブログランキング・にほんブログ村へ B class Gourmet

It was drunk, and two people who became it had visited

Regular Ramen Shop

I had no idea I had to put it on anymore.

I’m not alone today.
The fun of Gudagada sits next to me.
I want to drink more!

You seemed to want to talk more with me.

Bleeding takes kindness.

Is it because of kindness that you listen to my story seriously?

It is good to carry the story. A lot of things to emulate

Before I met you, I still have a lot of phrases in my email.

“Delicious eating”

I still have a few words to say

Did you feel the sportiness of adults? , But I’m not sure



I do not remember well if I asked to drop the usual powder on this day.

If you are sitting in the same way, do you remember?


BF “Good? W ” in My Heart

I’m sorry for the older one, but it’s really cute.

I enjoyed a drunken man completely burning!!!

Too much praise-W I don’t remember much.
Only that scene remains in my head (Majai)

It’s a human being that’s not perfect.
But I’m afraid I’m too much of a force.

Also, the reopening of the… Please be careful with your body.

Let’s remove it once in a while

The next day, when I saw the bag, I remembered that I had received a novel.
Can we be smarter?

I’m a little worried because I feel like I got drunk and brute force.
I’ll give it back to you if you read it.;)
Well, I wonder when I read it all…

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