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“Udon County.” Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture “project-Sanuki Delicious Mon festival in Osaka-Real Food hen

“Udon County.” Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture “project-Sanuki Delicious Mon festival in Osaka-Real Food hen

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I’ll continue again…

This is the same w

To feel comfortable eating at last

Everyone works in a wandering. W

I’m sure there are some people in the press who eat and drink desperately.

The ο is

I don’t mean to say such a thing.


This is what I’ve been through.

You’re going to accumulate? W

I was polite to the pictures.

I love shrimp so much w

The shrimp Chile was very popular, so I was a little shy, so I just got one tail.


The plate on the left

Braised ravioli were big shrimp with chili sauce

Stir-fried asparagus from Kagawa prefecture with seafood
Braised olive beef with soft rose meat

Japanese-style sanuki of soft dream pigs

It’s Umm mumbles early.

Well, all of them are delicious.

Such good ingredients ドキドキ happy-I feel like I’ve been getting away with a little tension.


The first full

A certain beer will make you thirsty. The rest

I’d like to have wine and liquor from Kagawa Prefecture lined up.


On the right plate.

Breze champagne sauce of natural Thailand from Kagawa Prefecture

It is a Thailand of 4Kg. It’s so big!

When you see the carving from a thick sea bream, it looks like it’s going to be a www

Open Mouth

It is comfortable just to remember the softness of the body.

I understand that the quality of the Thailand is good.

Ta The only thing that would be a caskas when you put a fire through

It’s great for me to eat. This! Fluffy ~ and fat basing

It’s been a long time waiting for me when I’m Gone

I thought it was good to wait.


Grilled olive beef fillet with teppanyaki

Because the quality of the fat is good, I seem to be able to eat it.

Is this the most popular one?

I love meat! Delicious

I like the fillet best because the feeling of fat is good and is easy to eat.

Do you want to have another plate?

“I’m an adult, so I only have one time.”

Rather than

I have no time to be busy.


The liquor is called neatly, too.

Good for Bali


Eaten by, there’s no time… (~ _ ~;)

Something is great ↓


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What is there???


This music ♪ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Yoshimoto’s Sakura Inagaki Saki -chan has come in!!!

The cameraman has been around for a while!

I piqued to get in the way.

Yoshimoto ~ ~ ~


Your meal with the governor has started

Saki-chan is famous in the mane of Asuka that comes out in anime Evangelion

Location Mitsumi Kansai, Kagawa Prefecture, and some local TV shows are famous

He has visited Kagawa Prefecture and is famous in Kagawa as well as in Kansai.

A nice selection ^ ^

The time which was surprised in an instant ended

There’s just a little more time.

Hurry back to the meal


Roast beef.

I can’t get that hunk of meat off my head.


Octopus Umani has

It’s really good seasoning, but it has a good texture of octopus, and it does accumulate.

Because I love it on the octopus, it’s a very favorability up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The liquor is also advanced

Next is the sparkling wine of Kagawa Prefecture.

Easy to drink with sweet eyes

It’s an interesting wine that is used in ancient rice.

It’s an interesting idea to use ancient rice.



Finally, UDON

I don’t want to eat udon at the hotel. www


Very much, because you do not know well how to use the camera,

Close Up is beautiful,

I’m very sorry that I didn’t understand how to take it apart.

But I was happy to experience It was delicious!

Moreover, it is a souvenir m (__) m



Thank you for the people you called.

Please call me again ^^

It might grow.

However, I wanted to go to Kagawa because it was simple or stupid

The person who does not drink is feeling that someone is Phu in a car w

Please try the Udon Prefecture site once by all means-it is my opinion.

It is not said that it is written so. It is as usual w but the propaganda does me ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a little bit better.

“Udon Prefecture Fair” until the end of March Amazon And the

Udon County Commodity Kings Association portal site “Love-Sanuki-san” It seems to be able to purchase it here. If you are interested, please try to refer to.

I’m curious. W

Jun-san is doing PR on HP ↓

Udon County

Udon gourmet Trip bus

Udon Prefecture Travel net

Article List of this event

“Udon County.” Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture “project-Sanuki Delicious Mon festival in Osaka-Bussan hen

“Udon County.” Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture “project-Sanuki Delicious Mon festival in Osaka-Cooking hen

“Udon County.” Not only that, Kagawa Prefecture “project-Sanuki Delicious Mon festival in Osaka-Real Food hen

Extra edition

I found a person who is Kyorokyoro!

I’m surprised to see a business card-Mr. P Big Blog Eating! (Towards the mosaic in the photo above)

“This is coming, too.”

I don’t think I have a chance to do this I’m embarrassed to greet you later .

In addition Neighboring, who is always looking at the blog, both of you!!!

It’s so out of place? (・_・;)

I was able to meet some of the most amazing seniors I’ve seen from my blog before.

I was really nervous… but I couldn’t talk too much about the tension.

Thank you very much for your mutual link.

What I found out later, there were others who wanted to meet…

Mortifying ~ Sorry to be called too next time, hope.

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