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Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (Yamanashi travel)

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (Yamanashi travel)

On the second day of my trip to Yamanashi, I headed to Kofu and went to the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, the favorite of the trip. The location is very good. It was about 1,200 yen.
When I went there, there was no special exhibition, but since there is a collection of the Barbizon of “Millet Pavilion” in this museum, I came to aim for it. (Because the content seems to change somewhat depending on the time, I think whether there is a work of the purpose to be confirmed on the official page.) )
Although it is permanent, I introduce it by using the evaluation template once.



【 Exhibition name 】 (2009/08/30 information I saw)
Millet Pavilion “Autumn” (permanent exhibition i) 2009.8.25-11.29
Permanent exhibition Room “Summer” (Permanent II) * Now is 2009.9.1-12.13 in autumn.
Hagiwara Hideo Memorial Room 2009.8.25-11.29

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art
【 Nearest 】 Kofu station
[Period] See above
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, and maps.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 1 hour 30 minutes

[Crowded condition and congestion (it is around 12:00 on Sunday)]
Congestion _1_2_ (3) _4_ 5 _ Comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ Fuller

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

I will introduce each work as usual, but there are many works that can be seen with explanations on the official website, but the direct link is not pasted…. So, “you can see in search of the ★ Museum” is written that the work is the name of the author or the name of the ↓ Search window so you can see the search, please try to search if you are interested.
Official Site Search Form:Http://
The permanent one here is divided into three big, and it is the Millet pavilion of the purpose first of all. It was crowded unexpectedly because it was Sunday, and there was a visitor who was coming to the group, too and there was a little noisy person….

[Millet Pavilion (Permanent exhibition i)]
Jean-François Millet “Portrait of Paulines V. Ono”
 ★ Can be seen here. I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
This is a work that was exhibited in the “Masterpieces of the Art Museum of the Japan” which was done by the Tsukimi of Ueno this spring.
Reference article:Japan Art Museum exhibition
It is a good picture even if I see it many times. Because my hair is black, it seems to be Japanese. I feel a little sad in the eyes watching here in a quiet appearance.

Jean-François Millet “sleeping seamstress” ★ Can be seen here.
It is a picture of a woman who is peacefully asleep on a chair. It seems to be doing the mending as the title, and the one with a white thread is seen on the left hand. It was a work that felt the quietness and the sense of security so that the sleep was heard. I guess the needle work was a virtue for women.

Jean-François Millet “Scalnis and Chloe” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
Scalnis and Chloe are the subject of various painters, but they also depict millet with a lot of realism. Duff is blowing a whistle and Chloe is fishing. It is pleasing to stick with two people. It was a fantastic atmosphere and I felt peaceful.

Jean-François Millet “the summer” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
When it comes to millet, there are many people who think of “picking up” first. This is one of the series of “Summer”. There are three women who pick up the cave, and the people who are piling straw in the background are drawn. The farm village at that time was transmitted by the scene like taking one scene of the harvest in the farm village. The simple beauty of such a working figure is a genre of millet’s specialty. It seems to have been a considerable renovation to try to draw this though it was a memory of the other exhibition and it was vaguely remembered to have been done as a natural right of the farmer.

Jean-François Millet, “immaculate Virgin” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
This is a piece made for the Roman Pope’s train prayer room. However, it was explained that it did not follow the Pope’s intention. Because, Maria of this work is a appearance which makes it think about the girl in the country somehow, and feels man’s whiff. (It seems to have been a sublime and beautiful Maria image that the pope sought) but it is a very good work shame

Jean-François Millet “Winter (The Frozen Cupid)” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
It depicts a scene in which a woman and an old man invite a naked cupid into the house. Cupid is so cold that his skin is blue and he has frostbite. The snow is piled up outside and it seems to be cold. If it’s so cold, wear clothes! W and I want to put in the thrusting, but it was a work that feel the warmth of the house.

Jean-François Millet “the woman who feeds the chickens” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
The woman who does to the chicken taken out the bait from the apron is drawn. Among some chickens, the guys in front are eating in the intently, but the chickens that are over there are not aware of the Bokkah, and there is also a chicken that dash toward here it was interesting. The sense of millet which finds beauty in a casual daily life of the farm village is wonderful.

Jean-François Millet, the shepherd who brings the sheep back to dusk I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
It is a work depicting the scene as the title. It felt so sublime that this shepherd looked as if he were a wise man. Is it because of the mystery of dusk that you bring a cane with a sheep in full? There was a copy of this picture in the mural of W Kofu station.

Jean-François Millet “the sow”
 ★ Can be seen here.  I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
This is also a super famous work. This work depicts the work of sowing seeds into the field by hand, and I feel very uplifting and powerful. The charm of millet here is the ultimate feeling (>) This “sow” is one piece before putting it out to the salon, it seems to have been drawn a total of two pieces in the feeling that one for the salon, this is that either I do not know. Moreover, it is a place that we do not understand even if it sees, and there was an explanation that this farmer was criticized because it was not drawn by the appearance of the farmer at that time, and was suspected political implications. (He was not aware of that.)

The Genealogy of landscape painting (Claude Lorbarbizon faction) >
There is a corner of the Barbizon sect next to Millet pavilion. There is a map of Barbizon village at the beginning, and it is understood that everyone lives in the vicinity like the House of Diaz in the House of Theodor Rousseau next to Dorvini and the opposite side beside millet. In the immediate vicinity, there was a forest of Fontainebleau which also drew Corroe. The work of such painters was lined up here.

Jules Dupre “Summer Morning in the Woods”
It is a landscape painting that feels the strong sunshine of summer. The cow which rested in the shade and the long conifer and the tree was peaceful.

Constant Troyon “Approaching Storm” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
In the upper left is a black cloud, a picture of a country road with two cows and an old woman and a child in the middle of the screen. The cows are showing a bright brown fur with a right-to-day hit. And, the expression of the shadow was splendid, and there was a real, strong impression. It was good to have gone out to the feeling that fluffy of the hair.

Pierre-Etienne Theodor Rousseau “the outskirts of the Forest of Fontainebleau”
There is a field surrounded by a forest in the middle of the picture, and there is a strong light, and the person who is fishing in the bottom right is drawn. This was a beautiful landscape picture of awe-inspiring and bright.

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Colaud “Large plantation” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
I remember seeing this picture last year at the Koroe exhibition held at the Western Art Museum in Ueno. (I guess I’m sure ^ ^;) The view of the lake is calm, the cow is in the center and it is peaceful. There was a sense of transparency in a slightly thin color. I still love Corlow.

Charles-François Daubigny, “The summer morning of the Oise River” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
I thought it was a sunset, but it was the morning sun. The shade of the clouds dyed in red orange in the morning sun was beautiful to feel the sun is not drawn to climb. The feeling of life such as two women washing in the lower right, the farm village on the other side of the river, and the steamship floating in the river has been transmitted. At that time, the steamboat might have been unusual.

Adolf Monty Seri “Portrait of a Woman”
A woman in a gorgeous dress. It is a splendid feeling. There was something like dignity to feel a little powerful. A noble woman?

Julian Dupré, “The introduction of pasture” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
A wagon and a heap of hay are drawn. The green hay is still very vivid, but it was a color that felt softness on the other hand. The hay drawn like a fur felt like a stream.

Jules Breton “Morning”
I was feeling a little like a cofflo. A female figure standing in a field, a shovel or a bottle in a poor body? . However, the eye and the bright background that stared at the distance gave the shine like the hero. Is this the morning work? It seemed that the preciousness was being expressed.

The art of Japan (Permanent II) >
The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art was not only a collection of Barbizon, but also a collection of Japanese-style paintings centered on local painters who seemed to be the prefectural Museum of Art.

Inui Kondo, “Fish Trap”
It is a work depicting fish trap fishing. (It is fishing methods to wait for the fish which flows there by making the gimmick like slatted in the flow of the river), and the fish which jumps into the fish trap is drawn to the white splash. I feel a strong movement in the appearance that jumps wiggle the nothingness. The splash was feeling cool.

Saegusa Cloud Uchinotai “matsutakeume-figure folding Screen”
It is a folding screen to feel the strength to be drawn dense. The trunk of the pine was a dynamic feeling.

Sham Ito “Shika (in the Modern Beauty Collection 1st Vol.)”
I love the beautiful picture of Sham Ito (>) The composition of the woman in the blue kimono looking up at the Firefly, the refreshing atmosphere was drifting. It was a theme be resemblance in the season exactly because I saw it in summer.

Yama Hikoshiro “Young man”
It might be a piece of Cezanne style. The young man who has the pipe which spreads the book by the knee sees here. It is a young person of stylish feeling, and might be a little cool.

Seiichi Ishii “Memory of tatami mats (B)” I can see it in the search of the ★ Museum.
It is a picture of deception. The right half is drawn on the mat, and a huge manuscript paper (the one that I used in the impression sentence of the elementary school) is depicted, and the Kimono little girl which has jumped out from there is drawn in the center. Little girl’s foot is drawn with the eyes of the manuscript paper, it is the feeling that little girl was born from this manuscript paper. Moreover, it seemed to be a moment when pyon from the place where one leg was raised by spreading the hand like playing airplanes. Anyway, it is an interesting picture, and it seems to be a popular work in this museum.

Shigeyuki Kawachi “78 Highway 2”
With a pitch-dark background, you’ll find a way to get somewhere, and a red and yellow footbridge is on the road. And the wooden chair seems to be galloping in the middle of the road. As you can see in this explanation, I feel uneasy from a dark background with a very surreal feeling. It was a little scary but impressive work.

Hideo Hagiwara and Yukio Fukazawa collection (Hideo Hagiwara Memorial Room) >
Hideo Hagiwara was born in Kofu, and Yukio Fukazawa was a painter born in Yamanashi Prefecture, and it was a corner like a solo exhibition.

Yukio Fukazawa (Kenji Miyazawa “Spring and Shura”)
This work is a series of etching and mezzotint (a kind of print), and it is an illustration of Kenji Miyazawa’s “Spring and Shura”. “Spring and Shura” because I do not know the story, W I did not know well

Yukio Fukazawa (from Paul Gorghien “Noah Noah”)
This is the lastThe Gorien exhibition in the eastThere was also “Noah” was etched and mezzotint was like a collage. I just recently saw, “Oh, this!? There was also a thought, but I did not know what I wanted to express (>)

Hideo Hagiwara “Stone Flower”
This is a series of woodcut. I’m sorry, I don’t know what it is. W This museum has a special corner for Hideo Hagiwara, but there were a lot of style works. (I did not like it so much, I’m sorry for your feedback…. )

So, as I like the Barbizon faction was content that can be satisfied enough only in permanent, it might be fun to go whenever there is a good permanent. If you have a chance to go to Kofu for painting, this is a good place to visit.

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