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Yokohama Genealogy Ramen 3 70 House (Minato) @ Kobe Sannomiya

Yokohama Genealogy Ramen 3 70 House (Minato) @ Kobe Sannomiya


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The order of the update was broken, but it was second at the time of the Sannomiya.

I do not know whether it is a big apartment in the mountain side in the vicinity of Toa Park.

There is a shop under it.

I’m lost in coming this far. (-_-;)

I passed the front of the shop once, and two laps…

Even if I’m drunk or not, I’m a complete dork. It is natural.

Arrive at Yokohama Genealogy Ramen Shop Minatoya

It is likely to become a muscular pain while walking too much and eliminating lack of exercise.

It does not matter, but the muscle pain is still in the next day at present.


This is the first time, so I asked the noodles only hard.

The shop is a new shop or a feeling of cleanliness.

Do you have parents? It looks like the owner and the mother are running the same way.

It seems that these pig bones are active in the soup.



Oh, yes.


The poison of the pork bone is good in the soup. But it is quite salty.
It might be a little hard for me to sag soy sauce.

I like to have a little more salt.

So I recommend a thin.

To dilute it, it’s like a heavy pork bone dies.

Sorry, comments are inconsistent

It is such a guy that is probably a family tree.

The image of my family ramen is a lot of oil than the default here

A soup that is easier to drink than it looks and is never verbose.
It is a soup that the pig bone feels good.


The noodles are bit of carpenter, and they are firm.

The hard noodles are good


It is a strong seaweed which is quite firm.

It is good to wrap it with seaweed and eat it


There was also a chin salt noodles, I noticed now



It was a great treat. The 3710 house was a good pig bone.

But it’s something in a great place.

Yokohama Genealogy-Ramen 3 70 House (Minato)
Address: 3-2-1 toyamate-Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe (south West)
Tel: 078-392-3710
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:30 ~ 15:00/17:30~ 22:00
(The flyer was at 18:00 ~ .) Which is the right answer?
Saturday: 11:30 ~ 15:00
Closed: Sunday

Ramen 3 70 House ( Ramen / Sannomiya Station (Kobe Municipal) , Motomachi Station (JR) , Kenchomae station )

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