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You will be in the mystery of the shop that is loved by the locals always full of tavern rustling @! Hanshin Amagasaki/Deyashiki #尼崎

You will be in the mystery of the shop that is loved by the locals always full of tavern rustling @! Hanshin Amagasaki/Deyashiki #尼崎

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Today’s quiet word

Thank you to those who drank with me yesterday. It was really fun.

I drank too much (^_^;) I’m in the talk mode today. Please understand ^ ^

Hanshin Amagasaki is a red light district with countless dining outlets.

But what about the current economy?

I think that everyone is drinking happily, and it is in this time, and it peeps into the shop where,

There are a lot of shops with no customers…

This is about a couple of degrees.

I hardly remember the taste.

A popular shop that I have known for a long time but always packed

I felt like I was free today.

But when I open the door

Almost full


It is a tavern noisy.

The store is a dashing general, and old-fashioned tavern lanterns… nostalgic mother

The atmosphere is quite out.

It is very cheap in the popular bar in Taishou-ku in Osaka, and a little atmosphere is similar to a favorite shop.

I think it’s a bit new and expensive.

The menu is a nice price (more details later)



The tofu that was cooked sweet and spicy is very good ~ ~ Youshian!

Hare Love

Amakara liking!!!

It is simple.


Except for the pot, what is thehighest 600 yen menu ?

The one that is crowded.


Today’s menu is full.


Maybe more than the regular menu.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The banquet of 15 people in the parlor on the second floor! I didn’t.

This is good.


The order is a raw lever

It is a thin raw lever, but it is likely to enter the popular number 3.

Salt and pepper is working.



This is the most popular Ponkara.

It is the one that the ponzu and the Leek are in the carafe.

It’s a lot of sweat.

This is a tight one. A lot of people seem to be good.


The COSPA is amazing, isn’t it?

Quantity canopy



Uniform of the general who wore the MONPE is also trendy

Are you cute? W

The old man with the gray hair next to me is a good feeling.

I’m a newspaper reporter… It’s going to be Sankei and Yomiuri! 」

It’s fun to play with me.

I’m so busy, I’m on the counter

Please put a nice and friendly service spirit of the general of this place (affable)

A cozy trap!

While talking to the other brother next door

All of a sudden, such a dish has been carried.


Fresh Spring Roll

It was a present to the elder brother of the regular next door.

-Sorry thank you.


I usually do shochu and drinking drink, but

Tuhi Lemon, this is 200 yen!


Buri Oven

It takes a little time to bake carefully.


The story is bouncing fast


When you return to your brother, eat this too.

A treat.

-Sorry-sorry no-sorry

Thank you very much for your brother to eat but I refused many times

It is not likely to eat boiled nails brother and Ikanago W

It’s like fishing and feeding.


I think that it is accepted by the person of nun though it is close to what I want.

Reasonable price, taste and friendliness (service spirit)

I think the law of three catch popular tavern in downtown.


Address 4-104 Kanda Kita-dori, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Phone number 06-6411-8338

Business hours 17:00 ~ 24:00 (L.O.23:30)

Closed Tuesdays


10-minute walk from Hanshin Amagasaki Station, 15 minutes on foot from Hanshin-Deyashiki station
Home page, reference site, etc.

Eating log ( izakaya / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

The shop information is at the time that went. Please check with the shop for details.

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