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Yutaka Murakami Exhibition The atmosphere of the Phantom, the scene of the world. [Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum]

Yutaka Murakami Exhibition The atmosphere of the Phantom, the scene of the world. [Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum]

After seeing the exhibition of the Yongqing Bunko which I introduced last time, it is in the Kodansha Noma Memorial Hall in the immediate vicinity “Yutaka Murakami exhibition The scene of the sentiment of Phantom, the world. I have seen the exhibition. This exhibition was divided into two periods: “Phantom” and “Shadow World”, and what I saw was the “phantom” that hit the first semester.

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【 Exhibition name 】
Yutaka Murakami Exhibition The atmosphere of the Phantom, the scene of the world.

[Official Website]

【 Venue 】 Kodansha Noma Memorial Hall
【 Nearest 】 Toden Waseda Station, Gokokuji Station, Edogawa Bridge station, etc.

Phantom: March 09 (Sat)-April 14 (Sun), 2019
The world: April 19 (Sat)-May 19 (Sun), 2019
* Please check the official website for business hours, closed days, maps and patrols.

[Appreciation time required (my pace)]
About 0 hours and 40 minutes

[Crowded condition, congestion situation]
Congestion _1_2_ 3_4_ (5) _ Comfortable

[Work Fulfillment]
Insufficient _1_2_ (3)

Easy to understand
Arcane _1_2_ 3 _ (4) _5_ clear

[Total Satisfaction]
(4) _5_ satisfaction with dissatisfaction

I was able to enjoy it comfortably.

At the age of 24, this exhibition debuted as an illustration painter by Shiba Ryotaro’s series novel “Samurai Of the Wind”, and is now a solo exhibition of the artist Yutaka Murakami, who is over 82 years old. It seems that the book design of newspaper novels, picture books, and books are deep, and this is the sixth exhibition at the Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum. The work of 400 points in the first semester and the second semester is lined up, but the large work of the previous year is about 60 points (it might be a lot if I put the score because there is a corner of the illustration) and the work of a heartwarming style which also includes the folding screen and the Fusuma painting tailoring was lined up. , I will write only the impression with the work that I liked easily.

Yutaka Murakami Exhibition >
In the first room, the folding screens were very eye-drawn.

3Yutaka Murakami “Eternity”
This is a work of the folding screen of two one ship, and the pattern of the kimono of the sleeping woman is a spectacle of the mountain village in the Edo period. Children are playing happily in the life of a rustic, long-lived village. In addition, the woman was sleeping comfortably and was a restful expression, and both were a heartwarming atmosphere.

6Yutaka Murakami “Yuoni figure”
This is a four-sided fusuma painting, and red demon and blue Child demon, green demon, etc. are also drawn. Next to the demon, “How about it,” “Hi, ha ha,” is also attached to the dialogue, or are you playing with something to compete? It was a fairly free and touch, and it was heartwarming and calm impression in the demon.

I think that there were a lot of works with serif in this area. Maybe it’s just the idea of a picture book as a book design.

12Yutaka Murakami “CI”
This is a work of this poster, the neck of the sleeping woman is bent 180 degrees, and the figure of the child is drawn on the back. There are owls, cats and small birds, and the waist is covered with leaves and nuts. On the other hand, women’s white skin 艷 on a black background, while the expression was full of compassion and everyone had a happy atmosphere.

Yutaka Murakami Exhibition >
There was one large piece in the next room. There are some works in the frame.

11Yutaka Murakami “Guren/Outrageous”
This is a Fusuma painting consisting of four sides, and a picture is drawn on the surface. “Guren” is the appearance of the Battle of the Warriors, the vortex of strong flame is drawn large, I feel the momentum and strength of the fire compared to human smallness. On the other hand, “outrageous” on the back side is drawn large triangular roof of the thatched, children are playing in the house. Also, on the roof is a tengu or a flying tengu child playing with Crows? There is such a figure, the background is a long and tranquil scenery, such as a fox is flying a series of torii. I do not know why the impression is different from the front and back, but it was a contrasting work.

The work “string quartet of the insect” which was in this room was also amusing cute work.

Yutaka Murakami Exhibition >
This is a corner lined with small works, mainly illustrations of books and fairy tales are lined up.

2Yutaka Murakami “The head of the yin-Yang master”
This is a work depicting ox cart and moonnights, and it looks like the picture scroll of the Heian period. I was drawn to a lot of emotion and was invited to some nostalgia.

In this area, there were illustrations to the works of Baku Yumamakura.

5Yutaka Murakami “Kaguya hime”
Each scene of the story of Moon Princess is drawn by the picture scroll. There is simplicity and dainty, and I feel something that leads to Munakata Shiisao. Deformed Buri was also interesting and I felt individuality.

Yutaka Murakami Exhibition >
The last room was lined with works of women and other motifs.

15Yutaka Murakami “Woman”
This is a three-pack, and women of the kimono are drawn. The woman who prepares the hair, the woman who gives milk to the child, and the child who is sleeping are the woman who shouldered, and it is a lovely atmosphere where the small demon clings like the child here and there. There was a place where women felt devilishness while there was motherhood, and it was an attractive work.

11Yutaka Murakami “Ashura”
This is a Ashura that stands by bending one foot, and the appearance is very similar to the Ashura image of Kofuku-ji. I receive a dignified impression in the slender body, but the height of the face of the three faces are different, it was drawn to feel like the face of the landscape is independent. The work I saw so far has been a bit different, so I drew my eyes.

1Yutaka Murakami “Phantom”
This is a work depicting a nude lying in a disturbing hair, and appears to float in the air. There are mysterious creatures around the body, and it has a calm face. On the other hand, the soft physique seemed to be shiny and mysterious.

This area was lined with some bewitching female statues with a black background.

It was the first time for me to know a painter, but I was healed by a lot of peaceful atmosphere. Because it is in the immediate vicinity of the Yongqing Bunko, I think that it is good to look around in two sets. It was a painter who wanted to watch another work if there was a chance.

The garden is visible from the rest room.
20190406 151858
Weeping Cherry Tree was blooming near the entrance.

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