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Ace Hotel Itami Honten @ Aramaki, Itami

Ace Hotel Itami Honten @ Aramaki, Itami

The original is the desired hotel
Hope is going bankrupt and the FC contract shops changed their shop name like Ace?

I visited here after a long time. I thought it was a pig bone of the usual, but new!

The secret black taste (Kuro Aji? The black meat soba is finished. Try to make it price 630 yen higher??? In my heart, in a fierce thrusting

But I’ve been challenged because I like the new Mont.


I think the red on the bottom left is a bean-plate sauce, but I forgot.


Wow ~ ~ the grooming Σ (д)


Taste Amateur food Blog I ate the feeling that the base is the main tonkotsu soup here? And I felt the sesame oil and the savory, and it was very rich while eating.

The noodles are just like the tonkotsu.


Lots of pork



It is unbearable for a heavy lover, but the ace Tonkotsu ramen stomach is absolute if you have all the juice, but….


Ace Hotel Itami Honten

Address: 3-3-3 Araki Minami, Itami City
Tel: 072-775-0141
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 25:00
Closed: Open every day

Ace Hotel Itami Honten ( Ramen / Nakayama-ji station, Yamamoto station , Zhongshan station )

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