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Amagotta via Hall @ Hanshin Amagasaki

Amagotta via Hall @ Hanshin Amagasaki


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From Hanshin Amagasaki Station to the big side of the Shoshita River

Amagotta has a half-sized commercial facility.

Because there is the biggest bookstore in this area, I visit occasionally,


There is a hare drum, but I want to beat the foot.

Not the next.

A beer ビール hole

I want to go!

It seems to be sucked from hot

The beer hall and the beer garden sound very good, and I love the image that makes me want to PangYa and thirsty.アップ

But I don’t really remember doing it.

But the 2900 yen (usually 3500 yen) is cheap or expensive in Amagasaki.

I can’t eat that.

Dear readers, I’m sorry I didn’t eat you again.


There was a copy band live on the Skydeck which continued to the station.

While it’s hot, I miss the old days.

It was quite well together. PA engineers, the sound of the guitar is weak.

It’s easy to hear, but guitarists have to insist more,

I’ve been thinking since I was young.

Hare you know what I’m saying;).

The blog here was made to warp to the Jagjaki.
Sound like Mr. Ichiro Takigawa (cipher) is my favorite

It was an article of selfish soliloquy m (__) m

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