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Charcoal Grilled House (event Mukogawa-So bal 2011) @ Hankyu Mukogawa-Sou station

Charcoal Grilled House (event Mukogawa-So bal 2011) @ Hankyu Mukogawa-Sou station

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I always have a good comment, my hometown’s invitation suddenly

I participated in the “one-day walk to the ticket hand” Mukogawa Sou Bar held in the vicinity of Hankyu Mukogawa Zhuang station in 3/12.

Greetings first, Mr. My hometown, Kazusan, nr, thank you.
I am very shy and sorry

I went around a lot, but I gave up everywhere and decided to queue up in the house.

Waiting for hunger to wait for the procession is about 30, 40 minutes.

Finally, the ticket is already sold out to the store, and the advance ticket is divided by Mr. My hometown

It is 600 yen for one sheet of beer and three yakitori.

Haste x2 + (no photo + 1), I always like the haste and ask. The oil is very good.


Kokoro (Heart) x2 and Zuri now look at it.

Tsukune x2 and Negima, so delicious ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I do not order because it is Bubu



This time, the Mukogawa-sou bar is the only menu in the event


It is not only this time, but it is always packed shop.

Then I’ll take you to the next store.

House ( Yakitori / Mukogawa Onsou station )

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