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Chinese diner Kiyoha and @ Itami City Minamino

Chinese diner Kiyoha and @ Itami City Minamino

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I’m a lot more hungry… even more my hometown to be abducted by www.

No, we would like to introduce a gourmet shop.
Three people still continue to eat.

And on the bus.

I arrived near the bus stop of the Itami facility called Rasta Hall.

I will also know the deep well again.

The action range and the action power are terrible.

I don’t…

It is quiet that I chose the place where I can go by one immediately.

I pounding to eat again..;)

Is it possible to eat so much?

Did you notice? This menu

I don’t know how much it is.

I’m mistaken for a sushi restaurant. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Three dumplings ago…
It is a plump dumpling with a handmade feeling.


Old Nostalgic

It is a omurice of Chinese and Mr.


But everyone eats like… I trickles only tasting

I could hardly eat my stomach.

It’s just a beer belly.

Follow the next shop…

Please lend a power in two places to B class gourmet.
Pochipochi… now 6th and 22nd.

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Kiyoha and Chinese Restaurant
Address: 1-4-23 Minamino, Itami City
Tel: 072-781-1245
Opening Hours:

Kiyoha and Chinese restaurant ( Set Menu , Shokudo/ Inino station , Shin-Itami station )

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