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Clamshell (Hamagaku) ramen noodles in large maeda @ Itami Zuioike

Clamshell (Hamagaku) ramen noodles in large maeda @ Itami Zuioike

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I visited for lunch first.

If you don’t go early, there are only two parking lots, so worry… somehow the best
Sure enough there was a guest waiting for the parking lot.

Today, I have been aiming for a shrimp salt noodle,
For a limited time… it’s just a clam noodle.

The ingredients are buried under the soup.


After all, it is a beautiful noodle.

Clamshell appeared this has been in about five plump body

This big char siu is good. This hardness is the best because it likes to be a certain degree.

I had it in the soup dividing 10 yen.

As it is, it is very mellow to put a lot of soup because it is salty.




What is the perfection of the noodles?

After the meal, I heard you talk to the shop, but clamshell is almost over.

The end.

If you want to eat noodles clamshell, hurry to large Maeda www

I’d like to eat some noodles, but how about a red wine bukkake?

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