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Closed: Home made noodle turtle Eight take-noodles @ Amagasaki: Hanshin Deyashiki

Closed: Home made noodle turtle Eight take-noodles @ Amagasaki: Hanshin Deyashiki

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Retrocession Kamehachi’s re-visit

It is on Route 2, but it is considerably more than the departure house.

The previous dregs udon noodles are also worrisome, but they come to me after all.

My favorite tiger and Dragon are open since 9pm, so delicious time is not enough…

I’ve been wandering around a lot, but…

It was the tortoise eight that it reached by 1.5 laps wandering between the Hanshin Amagasaki-Deyashiki.

This time, I ordered the chicken soba noodles without hesitation



After all, the soup chicken soup is thick.

This time, the boil of noodles was very good and was the best. It’s a big Choi.

However, this homemade noodle is found to be easy to extend!!! You have to eat in a hurry.
It was lonely after all and wanted the topping.

I walked around the shop this time, but there is also that Thursday,
After the great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake, I wonder if your motivation is coming down and eating out.
The shop only in the free time

There seems to be less cup noodles in the supermarket here in Kansai,
I’m not sure how stupid I am, but I’m a little vicious.
It is, of course, to donate money to eat out, or to refrain from spending a sudden
I’m afraid I’m not going to contribute to a downturn in regional activity.

My company, too.
The economy is difficult.

Home made noodles Kamehachi ( Ramen / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )

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